1. Sinus Dsrythmia
    irregular rhythm...everything else is sinus
  2. sinus pause
    missing entire PQRST
  3. sinus exit block
    missing entire PQRST but comes back on rythmn

    conduction problem
  4. sinus arrest
    missing entire PQRST but doesnt come back on rythmn..impulse problem
  5. Premature Atrial Beat
    • premature beat
    • positive or biphasic p wave

    P wave could be on top of t wave
  6. Noncoducted PAC's
    • key is EARLY
    • p wave then nothing

    make sure you check t wave
  7. paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia
    PAC starts a sudden run of tachycardia and p waves disappear
  8. Atrial Flutter
    • saw tooth f waves
    • usually at 300
    • can have variable ventricle conduction (2-1) (3-1)
  9. Atrial Fibrillation
    • key is ventricular response is never regular
    • can even see p waves

    Have different ventricular responses

    • (rapid ventricular response)
    • (controlled ventricular response)
    • (slow ventricular response)
  10. Premature Junction Contraction
    • irregular rythmn
    • negative p waves during,before,after QRS
  11. Junctional Rhythm
    • regular rhythm
    • rate 40-60
    • negative p waves or absent

    or accelerated
  12. Premature Ventricular Rhythmn
    • wide..bizzare qrs
    • t wave opposite
    • no p wave
  13. Ventricular Tachycardia
    3 or more PVC's in a row
  14. Torasades de points
    twisting of the points
  15. Ventricular Fibrillation
    • chaotic..wide....irrelgular.
    • no pqrst
  16. AV Block 1st degree
    long pr interval ...no drop...consistant
  17. AB Block 2nd Degree type 1
    • Weckenbach
    • PR interval gets longer and longer than drops
  18. Av Block 2nd degree type 2
    • long pr interval....consistent length...then drop
    • consistent rhythm....
  19. 3rd degree
    • p to p normal (60-100)
    • r to r normal(20-40)
    • ....dissociation..
    • a and v doing their own same thing
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