peds exam 1.4

  1. toddlers grow cephalocaudal
  2. define development
    basically it's continuous. never ending progression
  3. erikson is how they behave or think?
  4. piaget is how they behave or think?
  5. Erikson - toddler - what do know?(auto v. shame)
    let them explore (auto) - if not, tantrums (shame)
  6. erikson - preschool - what to know? (initiative v guilt)
    • preop thought (magical, perception)
    • eye for an eye
  7. when does the child reach concrete thinking?
  8. when does a child reach abstract?
  9. when does a child play with others?
    7-11. school age
  10. when does child want to have good grades?
    6-11 (middle childhood)
  11. piaget - when is preconventional? what is it?
    4-11. desire to please. avoid punishment.
  12. piaget - when is conventional thinking?
    7-11. follow rules
  13. piaget - when is postconventional thinking? what is it?
    12+. ethical and moral decisions.
  14. when do baby say mama, dada?
  15. when does baby understand no?
  16. when does child know 3-5 words with meaning?
  17. what is receptive and expressive speech?
    • receptive - understand it
    • expressive - say meaningful speech
  18. what is Pediarix?
    DTap/HepB/IVP in one shot
  19. when do you give primary series of TDap? where do you poke them?
    before kindergarten. Vastus later
  20. when do children get the booster for TDap?
  21. when do children get the HepB vaccine?
    birth. 1mo after first, then 6mo after first.
  22. what's the connection b/w gummy bears and MMR vaccine?
    gelatin in the vaccine - allergy.
  23. where to poke for MMR? SQ? IM? Vastus? Arm? 45 or 90?
    SQ. triceps. 45.
  24. should someone try to get preggos while getting the MMR vaccine?
    no. rubella might affect infant. live vaccine.
  25. varicella - SQ or IM?
    SQ. (remember SQ means LIVE vaccine)
  26. what is Comvax?
    Hib/HepB vaccine
  27. gave vaccine - site is red and painful - what can parent do?
    cold compress. then warm or cold prn.
  28. live measles can have small chance of anaphylactic hypersensitivity for children with what allergy?
  29. when can child eat all the finger foods it wants?
    1 yr.
  30. how long do mother breastfeeds before bottle?
    4-6mo - then can do bottle
  31. when can you introduce soft foods?
  32. when can you introduce eggs?
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