peds exam 1.2.3

  1. Positive family relationships are characterized by parent-child interactions that show:

    A. Obedience and rules.

    B. Mutual warmth and

    C. Security and control.

    D. Change and adaptability.
  2. authoritarian
    passive parenting styles?
    • unquestioned rules
    • rules but with reasons
    • do whatever
  3. uThe developmentally
    appropriate strategy for the nurse to use when doing pre-op teaching with a
    10-year-old is to:

    A.Keep explanations nder5  minutes.

    B.Organize information

    C.Use picture books
    about having an operation.

    D.Speak in short,
    simple sentences,
  4. how to approach infant (0-12mo) with care?
    • calm voice
    • respond to cries
    • prepare infant as you prepare care.
    • slow approach, get child to know you
  5. how to approach toddler (1-2) with care?
    • learn their words
    • explain what you're going to do as you do them
    • picture books
    • use play to demo
    • prep them IMMEDIATELY
  6. how to approach preschool child (3-5)?
    • use play
    • simple sentences
    • picture, story books
    • explanations 5 mins
    • 1-3hr prep before
  7. how to approach school age children (6-11)
    • explanations sequential
    • critical thinking
    • limits/consequences
    • prep 1-5 days
  8. adolescents (12+)
    • prep 1wk
    • privacy
  9. what is empathy?
    you understand what feelings they have
  10. what is active listening?
    understanding the actual or implied message
  11. A child with a
    hearing impairment needs to have a cast applied to his arm.  What can the nurse do to facilitate
    communication with the child throughout the cast application process?

    A.Face the child when
    speaking to him.

    B.Speak at a slower
    pace than usual.

    C.Talk clearly and
    directly into the child’s ear.

    D.Keep gestures to a
    D. gestures distracting. how do you know they can even understand gestures?
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