Ecology Test 1 Short Answer

  1. Selective advantage through reproduction by near relatives results in what?
    Inclusive Fitness
  2. Foraging for nutrients rather than for particular prey items is called:
    Optimal Foraging
  3. The three kinds of genetic drift are:
    • Continuous Drift
    • Intermittent Drift
    • Founder Effect
  4. “Bottleneck” is a result of the evolutionary
    process called:
    Natural Selection
  5. A “bottleneck” occurs in what sized populations
    Large Populations
  6. A “bottleneck” causes what change to populations?
    Reduce Genetic Variation
  7. Many amphibians are known to produce viable hybrids when mating among species. If a species of toad was introduced into the US from Asia, and that species successfully interbred with a native toad species, what process leading to evolution would result?
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Ecology Test 1 Short Answer
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