The Better Part

  1. The Better Part Page 950 (section 287) from Jn 15

    Christ constantly seeking me and assisting me
    My choice withdrew you from the world. There was never a time when I wasn't thinking of you. I have watched over you since the moment of your conception, and I have loved you since before time began. I searched you out as you grew up, whispering in your heart and preparing you to hear my invitation in your life. I kept inviting you many times until you accepted. I am the one who chose you to be my companion, disciple, and ambassador. An I am the one who will give you the strength and light you need to persevere in this labor of faith and love. You must never think that everything depends on you. That is too much for you. You are my adjutant, my helper, my messenger. I will protect you. I will teach you and show you the way to go. You have committed your life to me, and now you belong to me, and so all your challenges and troubles are mine. You are my problem now; let me carry you.
  2. The Better Part page 885 (section 267) Jn 8
    Living according to Truth & Conscience
    • Those who seek and heed the truth will live as they are meant to live, while those who falsify their conscience in order to satisfy their thirst for selfish glory will only experience frustration. ...
    • These are the two option - truth and life or lies, betrayal of conscience, and death; there is no other.
  3. The Better Part page 881 (Section 266) Jn 8

    - gives us the possibility to direct our lives towards the fulfillment we long for. But that possibility is constantly being threatened and hindered by our tendency (inhertied through original sin and exacerbated by personal sin - ours and others') to indulge our self-seeking appetites at the expense of what is truly fulfilling. This is sin.
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The Better Part
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