Tech-Enteral Tubes (Pharyngostomy Tubes)

  1. What are pharyngostomy tubes used for?
    anorexia/facial trauma
  2. What is a contraindication for this tube?
    non-functioning GI
  3. What are some complications once placed?SATN
    • swelling
    • aspiration
    • tube dislogment
    • not tolerated well and should be avoided
  4. Where does this small rubber tube enter?
    through the skin in a small incision of the neck
  5. The tube enters the esophagus through the
  6. What does this allow?
    food bypasses the mouth and enters into the stomach
  7. What do you use to locate and mark the incision site?
    a hemostat
  8. This hemostat is placed between what?HE
    • hyoid apparatus
    • esophagus
  9. How is the tube measured?
    angle of mandible to 8th or 9th rib
  10. The pre-measured tube is then placed through the incision and redirected towards where?
    the esophagus
  11. After the tube has been placed into the esophgus what is done?
    the tube is sutured in place using a chinese fingertrap pattern
  12. What is done after the suture?
    an iodine sponge is placed around the incision site
  13. What is done after the sponge?
    the neck is wrapped and the tube is capped
  14. The animal is fed with a syringe how many times a day?
    3-5 times
  15. The food is high in protein and mixed with what?
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Tech-Enteral Tubes (Pharyngostomy Tubes)