Musculoskeletal meds

  1. How does estrogen therapy work?
    Reduces bone loss and increases bone density by inhibiting osteoclast activity
  2. AE of estrogen
    Increased risk for endometrial cancer
  3. If you give a person estrogen and progestin what are their risks?
    • Increased risk for
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Breast Cancer
    • Uterine Cancer
  4. How does Evista work?
    Prevents bone loss by mimicking estrogen effects on bone density
  5. AE for Evista
    • Hot flashes
    • Leg Cramps
    • Blood clots
  6. How do Biphosphonates work?
    Inhibit bone resorption, so increases total bone mass
  7. AE for Biphosphonates
  8. Patient teaching for Biphosphonates
    • Take with a full glass of water
    • Take 30 min before food or other meds
    • Remain upright for 30 min. after taking
  9. How does Reclast work?
    Prevents osteoporosis for 2 years after a single infusion
  10. AE for Reclast
    Flu symptoms for the first few days following administration
  11. What kind of med is Reclast?
  12. How does Miacalcin work?
    It is Calcitonin and is normally secreted by the thyroid gland.....inhibits osteoclast resorption and inhibits renal calcium excretion
  13. AE for Miacalcin
    Intranasal-dryness and irritation

    Im/Subq-nausea and facial flushing
  14. How can Biphosphonates be given?
    • PO
    • Sucq
    • IV, daily/monthly
  15. How can Miacalcin be given?
    Intranasal or IM/Subq
  16. AE for Forteo
    • Leg cramps
    • Dizzy
  17. What the name of the med that is given Subq every 6 months?
  18. Example of Calcium supplements PO
    • Tums
    • Rolaids
    • PhosLo
  19. IV calcium
    • Calcium Chloride
    • Calcium gluconate
  20. What do calcium supplements help with?
    maintenance of normal musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiovascular function
  21. Calcium supplements by age
    • 19-50=1000mg
    • 51-64=1200mg
    • 65 + = 1500mg

    Optimal intake before age 30-35 increases peak bone mass
  22. Hypercalcemia causes.....
    • tachy
    • elevated BP to brady to hypotension
    • constipation
    • n/v
    • Abd pain
    • lethargy/confusion
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