Cumilative Review

  1. What is the Erikson stage for birth to 1 year?
    infant - Trust vs. Mistrust
  2. What is the Erikson stage for 12 months to 3 years?
    Toddler - Antonomy vs. shame
  3. What is the Erikson stage of 3-5 years?
    preschooler - initiative vs. guilt
  4. What is the Erikson stage for 5-12 years?
    school age - industry vs. inferiority
  5. What is the Erikson stage for 12-20 years?
    adolescent - identify vs. role confusion
  6. What is the erikson stage for 20-40 years?
    young adult - intimacy vs. isolation
  7. what is the erikson stage for 65 and over?
    older adult - integrity vs. despair
  8. What are patient rights?
    it is the patients right to question diagnosis, to see medical records, refuse care, etc
  9. What is the nursing process?
    Assessment, diagnosis, planning,implentation, evaluation
  10. What are the Cranial nerves?
    • I- smell,
    • II-vision
    • III-IV-VI-eye movement
    • V-sensation of face/oral
    • VII-facial movement
    • VIII-hear/balance
    • IX-taste/swallow
    • X-chew/gag/speech
    • XI-shrug/turn head
    • XII-tongue movement
  11. What are the nursing measures taken to prevent pressure ulcers?
    reposition every 2 hours, nutrition
  12. Description of Stage 1 pressure ulcer.
    non-blanching are of redness
  13. description of stage 2 pressure ulcer.
    partial thickness, skin loss
  14. description of stage 3 pressure ulcer
    full thickness, skin loss
  15. description stage 4 pressure ulcer.
    down to bone
  16. what is considered the respiratory system?
    upper airway, mouth, nose, sinus, nasopharynx, oropharynx, nasal passages, diveded by nasal septum, sinus cavities, epiglottis, trachea, larynx, bronchi, lungs
  17. What are the normal O2 levels?
  18. How do you take the apical pulse?
    left, 5th intercostal space
  19. Changes
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