Waterlogged quiz

  1. Causes of lipemia
    • diabetes mellitus
    • liver disease (overproduction of cholesterol)
    • post prandial sample
    • starvation
    • hypothyroidism
    • Cushing's 
    • pancreatitis (over secretes digestive enzymes, breaks down tissue)
    • pancreatic tumors
  2. Why are TSP results lower in chemistry results than CBC results?
    In CBC results, plasma is used so fibrinogen is still present, in chemistry results serum is used and fibrinogen is in the clot.
  3. What does a left shift refer to?
    increase in number of immature neutrophils (band cells)
  4. Why is creatinine a more reliable test for kidney function than BUN?
    Levels are not influenced by diet or other factors
  5. What is creatinine?
    product of skeletal muscle metabolism
  6. What is AST? Importance?
    aspartate aminotransferase, found in hepatocytes but also in RBC's, cardiac muscle, brain, kidneys, pancreas. Not liver specific.
  7. Causes of increased cholesterol in blood
    • hypothyroidism
    • high fat diet
    • liver disease
  8. How can you differentiate between liver disease and a liver shunt if serum bile acids are increased?
    If liver disease is the cause, both the pre and post samples will be high
  9. What does the ERD test detect?
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Waterlogged quiz
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