French Unit 2: Culture, vocab, grammar

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  1. exam that must be passed to continue to a french university
    la bac
  2. What is a student awarded after 3 years of study?
  3. How long does it take to get a master?
    5 years
  4. What is the technical degree called? (2 years of study)
    BTS brevet de technicien supérieur
  5. les grandes écoles
    elite branch of higher education to train administrators, scientists, businesspeople, engineers
  6. Examples of les grandes écoles?
    • ENA
    • HEC
    • IEP
  7. Where do university students live?
    • with families or
    • résidence universitaire or
    • in an apartment
  8. 4 ways to form a question?
    • Add question mark
    • Est-ce que
    • tag question: nest-ce pas? d'accord?
    • Inversion
  9. we eat
  10. we start
  11. Where do french university courses generally take place?
    lecture halls- amphithéâtres
  12. Start of classes
    rentrée universitaire
  13. The practice of taking exams throughout the semester
    contrôle continu
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