Barnes Vocab

  1. wrathfully
  2. wrathfully (adv.): angrily
  3. tedious
  4. tedious (adj.): boring; tiresome
  5. strenuous
  6. strenuous (adj.): work or labor that requires a lot of energy and stamina.
  7. riled
  8. riled (adj.): angry
  9. pilgrimage
  10. pilgrimage (n.): in this instance, a long walk
  11. perpetual
  12. perpetual (adj.): everlasting; continuous
  13. neutrality
  14. neutrality (n.): not taking part in either side of a controversy.
  15. mollified
  16. mollified (adj.): soothed; calmed
  17. lavations
  18. lavations (n.): washings
  19. grudging
  20. grudging (adj.): hostile
  21. dusk
  22. dusk (n.): the time just before nightfall
  23. constructionalist
  24. constructionalist (n.): a person who interprets aspects of the law in a specified way
  25. chiffarobe
  26. chiffarobe (n.): a large cabinet with drawers and a place for hanging clothes.
  27. arid
  28. arid (adj.): dry; without expression
  29. widow's walk
  30. widow's walk (n.): a platform with a rail around it, built onto the roof of a house
  31. wary
  32. wary (adj.): To be wary means to be cautious on your guard against something
  33. trousseau
  34. trousseau (n.): all the new clothes a bride brings to her marriage
  35. tarried
  36. tarried (vb.): delayed; waited
  37. still
  38. still (n.): an apparatus for making alcoholic liquors.
  39. siblings
  40. siblings (n.): brothers and/or sisters
  41. ringworm
  42. ringworm (n.): a contagious skin disease caused by a fungus.
  43. porter
  44. porter (n.): a person who carries luggage.
  45. obstreperous
  46. obstreperous (adj.): noisy and unruly
  47. mortify
  48. mortify (vb.) humiliate; embarrass
  49. jetty
  50. jetty (n): a type of wall built out into water to protect a coastline or restrain currents
  51. invective
  52. invective (n.): Invectives are abusive terms, curses, insults, and/or cuss words
  53. innate
  54. innate (adj.): A natural part of something else.
  55. ingenuous
  56. ingenuous (adj.): simple; innocent
  57. ingenuous
  58. ingenuous (adj.): simple; innocent
  59. indicative
  60. indicative (adj.): shows or displays something.
  61. harbored
  62. harbored (vb.): to hold in the mind
  63. guilelessness
  64. guilelessness (n.): without craftiness and cunning in dealing with other
  65. gastric
  66. gastric (adj.): of, in, or near the stomach
  67. gallantly
  68. gallantly (adv.): politely; in the manner of a gentleman
  69. fanatical
  70. fanatical (adj.): A person whose extreme enthusiasm goes beyond what is reasonable
  71. evasion
    evasion (n.): to avoid doing or answering something directly
  72. donned
  73. donned (vb): put on
  74. dim
  75. dim (adj.): unclear; not strong
  76. deportment
  77. deportment (n.): behavior
  78. crooned
  79. crooned (vb.): to sing in a low, gentle tone
  80. constituted
  81. constituted (vb.): made up
  82. compensation
  83. compensation (n.): to pay for something or to make up for something
  84. changelings
  85. changelings (n.): a child secretly put in the place of another
  86. catwalk
  87. catwalk (n.): a narrow, elevated walkway
  88. bluff
  89. bluff (n.): the broad, flat front of a cliff
  90. bawled
  91. bawled (vb.) cried out noisily
  92. analogous
  93. analogous (adj.): similar; comparable
  94. ambrosia
  95. ambrosia (n): a desert made up of a mixture of fruits, nuts, and coconut.
  96. tranquility
  97. tranquility (n.): peacefulness; serenity
  98. persevere
  99. persevere (v.): to carry on in spite of difficulties
  100. onslaught
  101. onslaught (n.): a violent attack
  102. mutual concessions
  103. mutual concessions (adj. + n.): occurs when two or more people agree on something
  104. lye soap
  105. lye soap (n.): a very strong, harsh soap
  106. kerosene
  107. kerosene (n.): a thin oil
  108. irked
  109. irked (v.): to be annoyed
  110. haint
  111. haint (n.): a ghost or spook; someone or something very scary
  112. gravely
  113. gravely (adv.): seriously
  114. fractious
  115. fractious (adj.): mean or cross
  116. flinty
  117. flinty (adj.): extremely hard and firm
  118. erratic
  119. erratic (adj.): irregular
  120. eddy
  121. eddy (n.): a current of water that moves against the main current; a whirlpool
  122. dispensation
  123. dispensation (n.): a release from an obligation or promise
  124. discernible
  125. discernible (adj.): understandable
  126. disapprobation
  127. disapprobation (n.): disapproval
  128. diminutive
    (adj.): smaller than ordinary
  129. contentious
    (adj.): always ready to argue or fight
  130. contemptuous (adj.): to have the feeling that someone or something is beneath you; that it or they are worthless
  131. contemptuous (adj.): to have the feeling that someone or something is beneath you; that it or they are worthless
  132. compromise (n.): an agreement where each person agrees to give up something
  133. compromise (n.): an agreement where each person agrees to give up something
  134. amiable (adj.): friendly
  135. amiable (adj.): friendly
  136. sojourn
  137. sojourn (n.): a brief visit
  138. seceded
    (vb.): to break away
  139. scrip stamps
    (n.): paper money of small denominations (less than $1.00) issued for temporary emergency use
  140. indigenous
    (adj.): belonging to a particular region or country
  141. immune
    (adj.): it has no effect on you
  142. hookworms
    (n.): a type of parasite
  143. entailment
    (n.): a legal situation regarding the use of inherited property.
  144. covey
    (n.): a group
  145. condescended
    (vb.): to agree to do something that you believe to be beneath your
  146. catawba worms
    (n.): caterpillars that are highly prized by fishermen in the Southern United States.
  147. veranda
    (n): a portico or porch with a roof
  148. unsullied
    (adj.): has been basically untouched or unused
  149. taciturn
    (adj.): almost always silent.
  150. strictures
    (n.): conditions or rules
  151. ramrod
    (adj.): rigid, severe, straight
  152. predilection
    (n.): a preference, or a preferred way of doing something
  153. piety
    (n): devotion to religious duties and practices
  154. picket
    (n): a pointed or sharpened pole or stake
  155. Methodists
    (n): members of a branch of a Protestant Christian denomination
  156. malevolent
    (adj.): evil
  157. impudent
    (adj.): to be shamelessly bold, as if you don't care what anyone thinks about you
  158. impotent
    (adj.): powerless
  159. human chattels
    (n.): slaves
  160. foray
    (n.): go somewhere or do something that is unusual or not normal for you
  161. eaves
    (n.): the lower edges of a roof which usually project beyond the side of a building
  162. domiciled
    (vb.): a house or a place where a person lives
  163. dictum
    in this case, a formal statement or princible
  164. corsets
    ladies undergarment designed to produce a particular effect on the figure
  165. brethren
    members of particular church or sect
  166. beadle
    a minor city offical
  167. Ambled
    to walk in a slow pace
  168. Assuaged
    is to lessen or calm
  169. Ambled
    to walk in a slow
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