skiold cleaners

  1. What are the two types of cleaners.
    1. Screen cleaner

    2. drum cleaner
  2. If the cleaner is placed directly after the intake hoper it functions as a?
    A pre-cleaner

    • Note: Pre cleaner have a higher production.
    • 30 to 200 touns pr hour.
  3. What is the average capacity ranges of in plant cleaners?
    500 kg/hr to 5 tons/hr
  4. what component is often placed before the cleaning unit.
  5. What is the most commen in plant cleaner?
    The compact cleaner
  6. What the saleing points for this cleaner?
    More screens then its predecessor.

    Sealed minimizing dust

    self cleaning screens

    Quick exchange of screens

    Easy connection to skiold disc mills

    6 t/hr (wheat/barley)
  7. What dose it separat.
    Over-sized materials

    under-sized materials
  8. Why do you clean raw material feed.
    Better feed and reduces the waer on milling equipment.
  9. What can be added if higher dust demands are needed to be met.
    a dust-filtering unit.
  10. What alows the cleaner to be installed and operated easyly.
    Adjustable height of legs. easy screen access.
  11. How does the cleaner self clean the screens.
    Ruber balls that bounce up and down detwean the screens.
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    Chassis: galvanized steel bolted together, equipped with side plates and covers. on adjustable legs.
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    • Raw materials inlet:
    • Note: It is important that the material is added in a constant flow. In the inlet the material is collected in the conical inlet and distributed in the whole width of the upper screen by means of the distributor plate. #4
  16. What is the uper screen name?
    The scalper screen
  17. What is the lower screen name?
    sand screen.
  18. Established Faults.
    1. The motor will not start.
    - the thermo switch has been released due overload. Check if the setting is correct.

    - The fuse has blown. Replace the fuse. Send for an electrician.
  19. Abnormal Noise is Heard from the Cleaner.
    Check the bolts attaching the screen frames have not been correctly tightened. 

    the bolts at the torsion springs have not been correctly tightened.
  20. Capacity of the screen cleaner is too low.
    The screens have not been tightened, and the raw materials are jumping up and down on the screen instead of moving forward. Tighten the screens.
  21. There are Impurities in the Cleaned raw Materials.
    - The holes of the screen have been blocked. 

    - An uncorrect size has been mounted.

    -The screens have not been tightened (materials are jumping up and down off the screen.)
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