Holistic 4400 quiz 1

  1. Provide a thorough definition of “Holistic Health” according to your understanding
    • Holistic health is an approach to life that focuses on the whole body rather than just its parts and uses conventional and alternative therapies to promote the health and wellbeing
    • of a person.
  2. Name reasons why people seek Holistic Health.
    They want more say in their treatment. They want less medications and more             natural healing. Conventional medicine has not helped
  3. Be able to define Integrative Medicine and CAM.
    Integrative medicine: combines treatments from conventional medicine and      complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for which there is evidence and safety.

    CAM:Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  4. Be able to discuss one key figure in the Holistic Health movement (who they are and what they did).
    Andrew Weil, MD, was a key pioneer in Integrative medicine. He is a Harvard trained physician, he became a professor at the University of Arizona and he established the Foundation for Integrative Medicine and is the program director. It is now called the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.
  5. Discuss historical events related to Holistic Health/CAM
    • Early CAM healing system: Homeopathy was established in the US in 1836. In 1926, Jan
    • Christian Smuts coined the word holism. In 1990’s the acronym CAM was fist introduced. In 1991 the office of Alternative Medicine was established and in the year 1998 the National Center for Complementary and Alternative medicine was created.
  6. Name reasons why there has been resistance to CAM
    • - Patients were thought to have to be compliant and not ask questions
    • - Many people were taught that the only way to treat illness was though medication 
    • - Not a lot of research so people were skeptical
  7. Name reasons why integrative practices have increased in popularity
    Becoming more well known, 
  8. Have an opinion about the National Health Interview Survey results discussed in class
    There has been an increase in adults using is, a big reason why children use it is for stress and anxiety, natural products are the most popular
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