ADJ 100

  1. Public Order Advocate
    One who believes that under certain circumstances involving criminal threat to public safety, the intrests of society should take precident over individual rights
  2. Social Justice
    Embraces all aspects of civilized life-- linked to fainess and cultural beliefs of right and wrong
  3. Consensus model
    Crim Justice perspective that assumes that the systems componets work together harmoniously to achive the social product we call justice
  4. Conflict Model
    Perspective that assumes the systems components function primarily to serve their own intrests.
  5. Arrainment
    strictly, the hearing before a court having jurisdiction in a criminal case in which the identity of the defendent is est, the defendent is informed of the charge and their rights and they are required to enter a plea. Also in some usages, any appearance in criminal court before trial.
  6. Due Process
    Guaranteed by the 5th amd-- due course of legal proceedings according to the rules and forms established for the protection of individual rights
  7. Consecutive sentence
    sentence is served one after another for multiple crimes
  8. concurrent sentence
    Sentences run at the same time
  9. Crime control model
    emphasis of arresting and convicting criminals
  10. Due process model
    emphasis of individual rights at all stages of the justice system processing
  11. Uniform Crime Reporting
    Statsitical crime program ran by the FBI
  12. National Crime Victimization Survey
    Ran by the BJS
  13. National Incident-Based Reporting System
    Ran by FBI
  14. Part 1 Offenses
    Murder, Rape, robbery, agg assult, burglary, larcenytheft, moto vehicle theft and arson
  15. Robbery
    unlawful taking or attempt of taking property of another by force, violence, or fear
  16. Burglary
    unlawful entry to a structure to commit a felony or theft
  17. Larceny-theft
    most common of 8 major offenses; stealing excluding motor vehicles
  18. Part II Offenses
    Gambling, Sex offenses, Runaways, Fraud .. ect
  19. Malware
    Viruses, worms & trojans
  20. Statutory Law
    written law- the law that is "on the books"
  21. Case Law
    the body of judicial precedent historically built on legal resoning and past interpretations of statutory laws- serves as a guide
  22. Rule of Law
    The maxim that an orderly society must be governed by est. priciples and know codes that are applied fairly to all its members
  23. Jurisprudence
    The Philosophy of law- also the science and study of law
  24. Substansive Criminal Law
    the part of the law that defines crimes and specifies punishment
  25. Tort
    a wrongful act, damage, or injury involving a breach of contract (or breaking the law)
  26. Stare decisis
    "Standing by decided matters"
  27. Espionage
    The gathering, transmiting, or losing of info related to National Defense
  28. Inchoate Offenses
    Acts that have not been fully carried out-- an offense not yet completed-- like hiring a "hitman"
  29. Concurrence
    The coexhistence of 1) an act in violation of the law and 2) cupable mental state
  30. Ex post facto
    can not be punished for something you did prior to a law being est.
  31. corpus delicti
    the fact that shows the crime has occured-- "The body of the crime"
  32. Hudud crime
    a serious violation of islamic law that is reguarded as an offense against god
  33. Tazir crime
    a minor violation of islamic law against society
  34. Alibi
    " based on premise that the def. is truly innocent" A statement or contention by an individual charged with a crime that he or she was so distant when the crime was commited, or so engaged in other provable activities that ther participation in the commision of the crime is impossible.
  35. Procedural defense
    Claiming that the def. was discriminated against in the justice process or that some important aspect of the trial process was not followed
  36. alter ego role
    rule of law that holds that a person can only defend a 3rd party under circumstance and only to the degree that they third party could legally act on its behalf.
  37. M'Naghten Rule
    rule for determining insanity that askes whether the defendent knew what he or she was doing or if they knew it was wrong
  38. The Durham Rule
    a person is not criminally resonsable for actions (crime) due to mental disease or deficit.
  39. Entrapment
    improper or illegal inducement to crime by agents of law enforcment
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