1. According to Kinetic molecular theory of matter, particles in a gas...
    Expand to fill its container
  2. According to Kinetic molecular theory of matter, particles in a liquid...
    are packed closely together, but are not confined to specific positions
  3. Which of the following are homogenous mixtures?
    Mortar ( a combo of Calcium Carbonate and sand)
  4. What is a pure mixture composed of two or more different elements?
    An chemical compound
  5. A pure substance mad of only one type of atom?
  6. What is the chemical symbol for LEAD?
  7. What is the chemical symbol for PHOSPHOROUS?
  8. Give an example of and Element.
  9. What term best describes, CO2?
    Chemical compound
  10. Examples of physical properties.
    • Boiling point of ethanol
    • Conductivity of Aluminum
    • frying an egg
    • Melting point of Gold
    • Yellow color of Gold
    • Copper is ductile and mallable
    • Mercury is liquid at room temperature
    • Density of silver
  11. Examples of chemical changes.
    • Tarnishing of silver
    • Rusting of iron
    • Combustion of butane gas
    • Decomposition of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen
  12. What are the postulates of Daltons Atomic Theory are now known to be incorrect?
    • All atoms of a given element are the same
    • Atoms are indivisable and indestructable
  13. Which particle will not be deflected by charge plates?
    Gamma rays
  14. J.J. Thompson determined the charge to mass ratio of electrons by
    Deflecting cathode rays wiht magnetic and electrical feilds
  15. From the results of his Gold foil experiment, Ernest Rutherford concluded that
    Atoms are composed of small, dense nucleus thats surrounded by a cloud of electrons
  16. Alpha Particles are
    Helium nuclei
  17. Beta particles are identical to
  18. Rank the subatomic particles from lowest to highest mass.
  19. Atoms with the same number of neutrons
    63/29Cu and 64/30Zn
  20. Give the mass number of Bromine with 46 neutrons.
  21. How many neutrons are in colbalt-59?
  22. Isotopes of the same element have the same number of ___________, but siffer in the number found in _________?
    Protons, Neutrons
  23. You have 0.330 moles of each of the following elements, Be, B, Ba, Br, and Bi. Which has the largest mass?
  24. You have 4.15 g of each of the following elements; Ca, Cs, Cu, Ce, Cf. Which has the largest number of atoms?
  25. What is the most abundant element in the universe?
  26. Which gaseous element comprises three quartes of the earths atmosphere?
  27. How many elements are in the fifth period of the Periodic table?
  28. How many element are in the first period of the Periodic table?
  29. What four elements make up over 95% of the human body?
    Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen
  30. The smallest unit iinto which a pure substance, such as sugar or water can be divided, while still maintaining composition and chemical properties
  31. The formula for oxylic acid is, HO2CCO2H2, this is an example of an
    Condensed formula
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