Quiz 4

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  1. Superior, Cranial, Cepalic
    Above (3)
  2. Inferior, Caudal
    Below (2)
  3. Anterior, Ventral
    in front of (2)
  4. Posterior, Dorsal
    Behind (2)
  5. Medial
    midline of the body
  6. Lateral
    away from the midline
  7. Intermediate
    in between medial and lateral
  8. Proximal
    closer to the body trunk
  9. Distal
    Farther from the body trunk
  10. Superficial, External
    Body surface (2)
  11. Deep, Internal
    Away form the body (2)
  12. Afferent
    conveying towards a center
  13. Efferent
    conveying away from the center
  14. Prone
  15. Supine
  16. Bilateral
    pertaining to both sides
  17. Unilateral
    pertaining to one side only
  18. Ipsilateral
    on the same side of the body
  19. Contralateral
    on the opposite side of the body
  20. Sagittal Section
    a cut made along the length, or longitudinal, plane of the body into right and left parts
  21. Midsagittal section, median section
    a sagittal section that dives the right and left parts into equal sizes (2)
  22. Parasagittal Section
    all other sagittal sections
  23. Frontal section, coronal section
    a cut mad along a lengthwise plane that dives the body into anterior and posterior parts (2)
  24. Transverse section, Horizontal Plane, Cross Section
    a cut made horizontally, dividing the body into superior and inferior parts (3)
  25. Oblique section
    a cut made at an angle between the transverse plane and either a sagittal or frontal plane
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