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  1. What vessels are used to identify adnexal borders?
    Internal iliac artery
  2. What is the normal measurement of endometrium?
  3. What does the term "tip of the iceberg" refer to?
  4. What does the banana sign refer to?
    Arnold -Chiari Syndrome
  5. What does the lemon sign refer to?
    Spina bifada
  6. What condition displays cystic hygroma?
    Turner's Syndrome
  7. What is the villi on the maternal side of the placenta?
    Decidua Basalis
  8. What is the villi surrounding the chorionic sac?
    Decidua Capsularis
  9. What is the most common Gyn malignancy?
    Endometrial Cancer
  10. What lab test is a marker for Ovarian Cancer?
    CA 125
  11. What is the space in which the fetus exists?
    Amniotic cavity
  12. What surrounds the amniotic cavity?
    Chorionic cavity
  13. What is the most accurate measurement of the embryo in the 1st trimester?
    CRL - Crown Rump Length
  14. What is the first site of the formation of red blood cells that will nourish the embryo?
    Primary Yolk Sac
  15. What is the Embryonic phase?
    6-10 weeks
  16. When is the beginning of the Fetal Period?
    11-12 weeks
  17. What is sonography used for in the 1st trimester?

    Hint - 6
    • 1) See location of gestational sac
    • 2) Identify embryonic gestation
    • 3) Determine embryo viability
    • 4) Determine number of embryos
    • 5) Estimate menstrual age of pregnancy
    • 6) Indentify fetal anomalies
  18. What is interface between endometrium and decidual capsularis?
    Double decidual sac sign
  19. When is the heart beat detected?
    5 1/2 weeks
  20. What part of the fetus is developed from ectoderm?
  21. What is a partial or complete absence of the cranium?
  22. What is a protrusion of the brain from the cranial cavity?
  23. What is the term for pregnancy in the fallopian tune near corner of uterus?
    Interstitial pregnancy
  24. What syndrome presents with short stature, low set ears, shield-shaped chest and infertility in females?
    Turner's syndrome
  25. What appears as an echogenic mass at the base of umbilical cord at 8-12 weeks?
    Bowel herniation
  26. What is the most common ovarian mass seen in 1st trimester?
    Corpus luteum cyst
  27. What is the most common occurance of bleeding in the 1st trimester?
    Subchorionic hemorrhage
  28. What condition gives a snowstorm appearance on ultrasound?
    Hydatidiform molar pregnancy
  29. In developing fetus - is the right or left lobe of liver larger?
  30. What is the vascular makeup of the umbilical cord?
    1 large vein and 2 small arteries
  31. What is the function of the amniotic fluid?

    Hint - 3
    • 1) Allows fetus to move
    • 2) Maintain intrauterine pressure
    • 3) Protects fetus from injury
  32. What fetal measurements are taken in 2nd trimester?

    Hint - 4
    • 1) BPD - Biparietal Diameter
    • 2) HC - Head circumference
    • 3) AC - Adbominal circumference
    • 4) FL - Fetal length
  33. What is decreased rate of fetal growth?
    IUGR - Intra-Uterine Growth Restriction
  34. What are the 5 parameters of Biophysical profile - BPP?
    • 1) Cardia
    • 2) Fetal breathing
    • 3) Fetal body movements
    • 4) Fetal tone
    • 5) Amniotic fluid volume
  35. What is Macrosomia?
    Birth weight over 4000 grams
  36. What is TOA?
    Tubo-Ovarian Abscess
  37. What is TOC?
    Tubo-Ovarian Complex - Fusion of inflamed tube and ovary
  38. What is menstrual age in pregnancy?
    Date of LMP
  39. What is heterotopic pregnancy?
    Ectopic and intrauterine pregnancy simultaneously
  40. What is known as silent cancer?
    Ovarian cancer
  41. What is the period between 6-12 weeks?
    Embryonic period
  42. What is the function of the Yolk Sac?

    Hint - 4
    • 1) Nutrition
    • 2) Hematopoiesis
    • 3) Forms primary gut
    • 4) Predicts viability
  43. What is process of ovulation regulated by?
  44. What is normal length of post-menopausal uterus?
    3-5 cm
  45. What is the largest functional cyst?
    Theca-Lutein Cyst
  46. What is a tumor of the endometrium?
  47. What is the most common type of ovarian cancer that is bilateral and loculated?
    Serous cystadenocarcinoma
  48. What is a rare uterine malignancy?
  49. 4 characteristics of endometrial cancer
    • 1) Most common gyn malignancy
    • 2) Causes uterine bleeding
    • 3) Associated with hormone therapy
    • 4) More common with Obesity
  50. What is an infection of endometrium?
  51. What is a dizygotic?
    • 2 separately fertilized ova
    • 2 placentas
    • 2 chorionic and amniotic sacs
  52. What is monozygotic?
    • 1 fertilized ovum
    • Identical twins
    • may have 1 or 2 placenta
    • dependent on early or late division
  53. What is pre-eclampsia?
    Hypertension induced by pregnancy
  54. What does a decreased level of AFP indicate?
    Chromosomal abnormalities
  55. What condition is associated with abnormally small chin?
  56. What is an anterior abdominal wall defect in which abdominal organs are located within umbilical cord?
  57. What is dilation of jugular lymph sacs due to improper drainage of lymphatic system usually associated with Turner's syndrome?
    Cystic hygroma
  58. When is the ideal time for amniocentesis?
    15-18 weeks gestation
  59. What is CVS?
    Chorionic villus sampling
  60. What is used to determine separate gestatioal sacs in twins?
    Injected indigo carmine dye
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