Zoology DNA your unique genetic blueprint.

  1. What is Chromatin?
    It's your DNA when it's spread diffusely through nucleus. When the cell is in mitosis or Meiosis DNA is tightly coiled.
  2. What is histones?
    • To keep the DNA ordered as the chromosomes condense it is wound around spherical proteins called Histones. 
    • Spherical proteins.
  3. What is the double helix composed of?
    It is composed of nucleotide monomers which make up our nucleic acid polymers DNA and RNA. In DNA there are four nitrogen based pairs.
  4. What are the four nitrogen base pairs in DNA!
    • ADENINE!
    • THYMINE! 
    • GUANINE!
  5. In RNA what nitrogen base pair is substituted for thymine?
    Uracil substitutes thymine
  6. What are triplets of bases called?
  7. What is the triplet code?
    In deciphering the sequences of nucleotides (AGCT) mean we find that there are triplets of bases or CODONS!!!! that translate into the 20 amino acids. This is called the triplet code. There are 64 possible code words.
  8. The triplet code is also called what?
    Genetic code.
  9. When a gene is "turned on" ;p the sequence of nucleotides is copied from the DNA strand to an mRNA strand. What is this process called?
  10. Once the mRNA is found its code is then read and ______into the amino acids that correspond to their triplet code. Fill in the blank.
  11. When you DNA duplicates during meiosis or mitosis what is the process called?
  12. Where does translation of the mRNA occur? WHat does it require to translate?
    • The translation occurs in the cytoplasm. 
    • It requires Ribosome.
  13. When the mRNA is linked to a ribosome and starts translating it will start linking amino acids in the correct sequence via peptide bonds. They form a chain what is it called?
    A polypeptide chain bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Zoology DNA your unique genetic blueprint.