Zoology Genes

  1. What is a Phenotype?
    • Each double chromosome in a homologous pair carries genes that control the same inherited characteristics. 
    • Each inherited characteristic is matched with its partner. 
    • These characteristics control what you look like and how you behave. This is called your Phenotype.
  2. What is a Genotype?
    Your chromosomes and the genes (DNA) they contain is calle your genotype.
  3. What determines which characters show and which do not?
    • It depends on how the characters controlling the same characteristics interact.
    • Which on is dominant and which is Recessive.
  4. What are Alleles. What is Loci?
    • Alternate form of genes (eg bignose vs. little nose) are called Alleles. 
    • Their location on the chromosome is called their Loci. 
    • Consequently, each Allele has a specific Locus, which corresponds to or matches the locus of the allele that controls the same characteristic.
  5. IN meiosis, 4 chromatids make up what?
  6. What is an example of heterozygous. (in genotype terms).
    A mix of a dominant and recessive gene.
  7. What is Homozygous? (in relation to genotype)
    A pure gene. an example would be if both chromosomes are carrying dominant genes or carrying only recessive genes.
  8. What is the phenotype?
    It will be the physical representation of the Genotype.
  9. What is the science of Genetics?
    Studying genes and how they interact and influence our inherited characteristics.
  10. Who was the first person to study this?
    Gregor Mendel.
  11. autosomal disorders
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