Zoology Animal cell structure

  1. What are viruses (=poison) evolve?
    • Simplest biological entities
    • in some ways are not considered living matter (ie no metabolism) 
    • no fossil record to tell us when they evolved
    • can have complex biological structurtes
  2. What are primitive bacterial cells?
    • Prokaryote
    • have no nucleus
    • Can exist in all enviroments, no o2, high pressure, freezing, acid lakes, high temperatures.
  3. What is an example of Modern cells?
    • Eukaryotes. ie Good nucleus. 
    • modern cells- first appreciated in fossil record 2.5 billion years after bacterial cells. Differentiated from bacterial cells because they have organelles and a true membrane bound nucleus. So modern cells and their progenitors are called Eukaryotes.
  4. What are organelles?
    Specialized structures in cells that have a specific funtion.
  5. What are examples of organelles? can you name them all?
    • Plasma membrane
    • rough endoplasmic reticulum 
    • smooth "                         "
    • golgi apparatus
    • cell membrane
    • Peroxisomes and lysosomes
    • Flagella and cilia
    • Centrioles
    • Mitochondria
    • microtubules
  6. What is the endomembrane system?
    • The endomembrane system are these organelles grouped together:
    • plasma membrane
    • Smooth and rough ER
    • golgi apparatus
    • the membranes of the nuclear envelope or cell membrane
  7. When group together what are peroxisomes and lysosomes called?
  8. What are flagella and cilia for?
  9. What is mitochondria for?
    Energy capture
  10. What are microtubule and filaments for
  11. an animal cell
    Image Upload 1
  12. Smooth ER:
    • another system of sacs that don't have ribosomes.
    • inside makes specialized cells. eg fats, steroids or sterols?(can't read prof handwriting.) and phospholipids
  13. Rough ER:
    network of interconnected membrane sacs studded with ribosomes that make proteins and secretory proteins. Inside RER membranes constructed
  14. Nucleus:
    • genetic core
    • Info containing DNA
  15. Golgi apparatus:
    Packaging and shipment plant
  16. Flagellum:
  17. Lysosome:
    Intracellular digestion
  18. Centriole:
    important in cell division
  19. Peroxisome:
    Detoxify alcohol and other harmful compounds
  20. What makes up the Cytoskeleton?
    • Microtubule 
    • intermediate filament 
    • Microfilament 
    • They hold everything and help keep cell shape.
  21. Ribosome:
    site of protein synthesis in cytoplasm
  22. Plasma membrane:
    selectively permeable to molecules and ions.
  23. Mitochondrion:
    power houses of cell where energy is captured in form of ATP.
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