Biology test 3

  1. product of fermentation in many types of cells, including human muscle cells
    lactic acid
  2. removes electrons from NADH molecules and recycles NAD+ molecules for glycolysis
  3. produces molecules that carry energy to the 2nd part of cellular respiration. Takes place in the interior space of the mitochondria
    Krebs cycle
  4. process that doesn't need oxygen to take place
  5. splits glucose into 2 three carbon molecules and makes 2 molecules of ATP
  6. a process where it needs oxygen to take place
  7. releases chemical energy from sugars and other carbon based molecules to make ATP when oxygen is present
    cellular respiration
  8. whats the goal of cellular respiration?
    make ATPS
  9. whats the waste of cellular respiration?
    water and heat
  10. _ is used to make water of stage 2 of cellular respiration
  11. stage 2 of cellular respiration makes a large number of _
  12. stage 2 of cellular respiration is powered by what?
    stage 1 (Krebs cycle)
  13. whats the process of stage 2 cellular respiration?
    electron transport chain
  14. where does stage 2 of cellular respiration take place?
    in the inner membrane mitochondria
  15. what is given off as waste in cellular respiration?
  16. what fuels stage 2 of cellular respiration?
    energy-carrying molecules
  17. what is made from the breaking of 2 three carbon molecules?
    energy carrying molecules
  18. whats the process of cellular respiration stage 1?
    Krebs cycle
  19. where does the 1st stage of cellular respiration take place?
  20. cellular respiration splits glucose into _ _ -_ _
    2; 3-carbon sugars
  21. what  kind of process is cellular respiration?
  22. each stage of cellular respiration has its own _
  23. Cellular respiration makes ATP by breaking down _
  24. ATP is highly _, and when the 3rd phosphate breaks off, _ is released
    unstable; energy
  25. _ is the quickest form of energy available in the body
  26. in ATP, energy is currently used by _
  27. what does ATP stand for?
    adenosine triphosphate
  28. _, _, and _ r essential to create energy
    water, food, and oxygen
  29. what kind of process is alcoholic fermentation?
  30. what are the products of alcoholic fermentation?
    Alcohol and CO2
  31. where does alcoholic fermentation occur?
    in yeast
  32. what is the reactant of glycolysis? Product?
    glucose; 2 three based carbon molecules
  33. what is the stage before cellular respiration?
  34. what does build up of lactic acid cause?
    muscle fatigue and soreness
  35. _ _ is one of the final products of fermentation
    lactic acid
  36. where does lactic acid fermentation occur?
    in human muscle cells
  37. glycolysis with oxygen=_; without oxygen=_
    cellular respiration; fermentation
  38. what happens in both fermentation and cellular respiration?
  39. the first step of glycolysis takes place in the _. What always happens in fermentation?
    cytoplasm; glycolysis
  40. what kind of process is fermentation?
  41. what is the purpose of fermentation?
    it allows glycolysis to continue making ATP when oxygen is not available
  42. _ allows the production of a small amount of ATP without oxygen
  43. what kind of reaction is photosynthesis and cellular respiration?
  44. which process is the equation: C6H12+602=6CO2+6H20 for?
    cellular respiration
  45. where does cellular respiration take place?
    inside mitochondria
  46. where does photosynthesis take place?
    inside chloroplasts
  47. whats the 2nd part of the equation for photosynthesis called?
  48. which process is the equation 6CO2+6H20=C6H12O6+6CO2
  49. photosynthesis stage 2 is a light-_ reaction. Takes place in the _. _ is required. _ is added to the cycle of chemical reactions to build larger molecules. _ is produced. The _ stores some of the energy captured from sunlight.
    independent; stroma; CO2; CO2; sugar; sugar
  50. photosynthesis stage 1 is a light-_ reaction. Takes place inside the _ inside the grana. _ and _ are needed for this process. _ absorbs energy from the sunlight. Energy is transferred along _ _ to special carrying molecules. _-carrying molecules fuel stage 2. _ is released from H20.
    dependent; thylakoid; water and sunlight; chlorophyll; energy; oxygen
  51. _ is a set of stacked thylakoids
  52. _ is the space between the grana
  53. each stage of photosynthesis is taken place in different places in the _
  54. chlorophyll is found in _ in the plant cells
  55. _ is a molecule that absorbs light energy
  56. everything is directly/indirectly dependent on the _
  57. _ captures energy from sunlight to make sugars that store chemical energy
  58. _ produce its own source of chemical energy for itself and other organisms
  59. part of photosynthesis that uses energy absorbed during the light-dependent reaction to synthesize carbohydrates
    light-dependent reactions
  60. part of photosynthesis that absorbs energy from sunlight and transfers energy to the light-dependent reactions
    light-dependent reactions
  61. membrane-bound structure within chloroplasts that contain chlorophyll and other light-absorbing pigments used in the light-dependent reactions of the photosynthesis
  62. a molecule in chloroplasts that absorbs some of the energy in the visible light
  63. a process that captures energy from sunlight to make sugars that store chemical energy
  64. a process by which some organisms use chemical energy instead of light energy to make energy-storing carbon-based molecules
  65. a lower-energy molecule that can be converted into ATP by the addition of a phosphate group
  66. a molecule that transfers energy from the breakdown of food molecules to cell processes
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