Quizzing: Romans 6

  1. What shall we by no means do so that grace may increase?
    Go on sinning.
  2. Into whom were all of us baptized?
    Christ Jesus.
  3. Into whose death were all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus baptized?
    Christ Jesus'.
  4. From what was Christ raised?
    The dead.
  5. Into what were we buried with Christ Jesus through baptism?
  6. With whom will we certainly also be united in a resurrection like his?
  7. In what have we been united like his?
    A death like his.
  8. Why should we no longer be slaves to sin?
    Because anyone who has died has been set free from sin.
  9. To what should we no longer be slaves?
  10. From what has anyone who has died been set free?
  11. When do we believe that we will also live with Christ?
    If we died with him.
  12. Why can Christ not die again?
    Since he was raised from the dead.
  13. Who can not die again?
  14. Who died to sin once for all?
  15. To what did Christ die once for all?
  16. Whom should you count alive to God in Christ Jesus?
  17. In whom should you count yourselves alive to God?
    Christ Jesus.
  18. What should you not let reign in your mortal body?
  19. How should you not offer any part of yourself to sin?
    As an instrument of wickedness.
  20. What are we not under?
    The law.
  21. Shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace?
    By no means!
  22. To what does obedience lead?
  23. Of whom are you slaves?
    The one you obey.
  24. What has now claimed your allegiance?
    To whom be thanks?
    • The pattern of teaching you have come to obey from your heart.
    • God.
  25. To what have you become slaves?
  26. From what have you been set free?
  27. Why is Paul using an example from everyday life?
    Because of your human limitations.
  28. From what were you free when you were slaves to sin?
    The control of righteousness.
  29. When were you free from the control of righteousness?
    When you were slaves to sin.
  30. What result in death?
    Those things you are now ashamed of.
  31. What leads to holiness now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God?
    The benefit you reap.
  32. Of whom have you become slaves?
  33. What is the wages of sin?
  34. What is the gift of God.
    Eternal life in Christ Jesus, Our Lord.
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