Tae Kwon Do

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  1. Ha dann makki
    Low block
  2. Jung dann kong kyuck
    Middle attack
  3. Sang dann kong kyuck
    High attack
  4. Ap chagi
    Front Kick
  5. Sang dann makki
    High Block
  6. Jung dann makki
    Middle block
  7. Yup chagi
    Side kick
  8. Tolyo chagi
    Roundhouse kick
  9. Soo do makki
    Knife hand block
  10. Dui chagi
    Back kick
  11. Phal kum chi
  12. E dann ap chagi
    Jump front kick
  13. Twimyo yup chagi
    Flying side kick
  14. E dann tolyo chagi
    Jump roundhouse kick
  15. Durokamyo yup chagi
    Skip side kick
  16. E dann dui chagi
    Jump back kick
  17. Dui ro do ra
    Turn around
  18. Hwe jeon chagi
    Wheel kick
  19. Yuk soo do kong kyuck
    Ridge hand attack
  20. Yuk jung dann kong kyuck
    Reverse middle punch
  21. Ssang soo makki
    Double arm block
  22. Yuk jung dann makki
    Reverse Middle block
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Tae Kwon Do
terms used in tae kwon do, techniques such as attacks, punches, blocks, and kicks
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