Part 1

  1. Continuous
    no stages- based on first curved line
  2. discontinuous
    steps stage and have to go through one to go through next
  3. One way
    Everyone has to go through this way to become a healthy adult
  4. Many pathways
    many different way to become healthy adult (most viewed now)
  5. Nature
  6. Nurture
  7. Theory
    group of statements or ideas which describe, explain or predict a phenomenon
  8. Good Theories should be:
    • 1. Comprehensive
    • 2. Parsimonious- describable in just a few words
    • 3. Falsifiable- can be testified
    • 4. Productive
  9. John Locke
    • Tabula Rasa
    • Didn’t like violence and instead ignore when do bad and praise when do good
    • Caused the creation of Behaviorist
  10. Tabula Rasa
    clean slate
  11. John Locke Controversy
    • Continuous- through constant teachings parent
    • Many pathways- dif experiences shape kid
    • Nurture- tabula rasa
  12. Rousseau
    • Didn’t like physical punishment
    • Noble Savages
    • Thought that childhood was different than adult
    • First to create stages (4)
    • • Infancy
    • • Childhood
    • • Late Childhood
    • • Adolescence
  13. Rousseau Controversy
    • Discontinuous
    • One/many pathway
    • Nature- born with what we needed
  14. Noble savages
    Children were born with the innate sense of right and wrong- and if you beat, it will let out the wrong, if go through stages of then innate will come out
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