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  1. A dog barks whenever the exterminator comes into the apartment. The dog's master attempts to control the dog's reaction by talking nicely to it, soothing it with strokes and petting, etc. in the presence of the exterminator. This type of treatment is termed:

    B) reciprocal inhibition
  2. Job analysis refers to the process of

    D) determining the specific skills and behaviors that are required for doing a given job effectively
  3. Item analysis is a procedure to evaluate the

    B) extent to which individual test items discriminate the same way as the overall test
  4. The prognosis of schizophrenia is most favorable when

    C) the patient's family is engaged in coping-skills therapy
  5. Moral realism is associated with the Piagetian stage of

    C) preoperations
  6. The curative process in psychoanalysis is to successfully analyze the

    D) resistances and the transference neurosis
  7. A GRE score of 650 would correspond to a z-score of approximately

    A) 1.5
  8. The reinforcement schedule in which scallops typically occur is

    C) fixed interval
  9. A major evaluation study of a community-based rehabilitation program concluded that the success was greatest for the programs which served a large number of clients, had sufficient resources and used short-term therapy aimed at teaching skills and keeping the client active. This type of assessment can best be termed

    D) summative evaluation
  10. The best predictor of positive treatment outcome is

    B) high subjective distress
  11. The difference between Schizophrenia and Schizophreniform Disorder is

    B) essentially only length of duration of symptoms
  12. Mother's WAIS-R score and child's WISC-III IQ score

    C) are correlated approximately .50
  13. The condition during pregnancy that would least likely affect the developing fetus is

    D) mother's emotional state during pregnancy
  14. Most current research on leadership styles indicates that

    C) contingency styles are most appropriate
  15. In estimating the reliability of a test, if the coefficient alpha is low

    C) the test items have little in common
  16. Which of the following are NOT normal development phenomena among infants and young children?

    B) avoidance anxiety
  17. A behavioral explanation of a phobic personality would be

    B) stimulus generalization and attention
  18. For job selection purposes the type of test in a test battery which shows the highest differential validity among the tests is

    A) a test of psychomotor ability
  19. The Rationale Emotive Therapy paradigm assumes that maladaptive responses are based

    B) too many 'musts' and 'shoulds' in the person's belief repertoire
  20. It has been found that abused children often cling to their abusive parents. This can be explained in behavioral terms as the effect of

    B) intermittent reinforcement
  21. A test with a reliability of .50

    B) should not be used because of the large error variance
  22. A criticism of using multiple aptitude batteries for classification is that they lack a

    B) differential validity
  23. The use of assessment centers for the purpose of job selection would be most appropriate when selecting for

    D) managerial-level employees
  24. Significant results in a 2-tailed test indicate that you can

    D) conclude that the two groups performed differently
  25. The standard error of the mean is

    C) smaller as the sample size increases
  26. A psychologist assessed job behaviors for a job that would utilize a selection test. This type of resulting validity was to ensure

    C) content validity
  27. The relationship between job satisfaction and job turnover is

    B) inverse
  28. Dreams, parapraxis, jokes, and psychotic regressions are all characterized by

    A) primary process thinking
  29. It has been found that some normally involuntary responses can be modifed with operant conditioning. This finding has most significant implications for the treatment of

    C) psychophysiological disorders
  30. According to the fundamental attibution error, people have a tendency to overestimate the role of dispositional factors as opposedd to situation factors when explaining the behavior of others. Research in this area has shown

    B) there are cultures in which people tend to favor situational attributions for the behavior of others
  31. Which of the following would be an example of consultee-centered consulation

    B) helping the staff psychologist manage aggressive inpatients
  32. Which of the following best describes primary prevention
    A) early identification of and early intervention with a disease
    B) reduction of handicapping associated with an illness
    C) reduction of an incidence of a disorder
    D) community wide education and encouragement for behavior change
  33. C) reduction of an incidence of a disorder
  34. It is thought that reinforcement plays a role in

    B) superstitious behavior
  35. Children whose parents are authoritative are likely to evidence what pattern in relating to their peers

    B) high responsiveness and low handedness
  36. A researcher develops a questionnaire intended to assess level of depression. When she calculates the reliablity of this questionnaire she obtains a coeffiecint of 0.65. What should she do about this instrument's reliability
    A) she should do nothing since .65 is acceptable
    B) she should make the items in the instrument more diverse in order to increase reliability
    C) she should use subjects who are more diverse in terms of their level of depression
    D) she should decrease the number of items in the instrument
  37. C) she should use subjects who are more diverse in terms of their level of depression
  38. Austic individuals have been found to have smaller than normal what part of the brain?
    A) medulla
    B) amygdala
    C) cerebellum
    D) hippocampus
  39. C) cerebellum
  40. Which of the following is least true regarding the results of research concerning television viewing and children?

    B) Children cannot distinguish between television programming and commercals until they are at least five years of age.
  41. To conclude that a difference exists in the population when in fact it does not is an example of

    A) Type I error
  42. In which situation would you least likely use a chi-square test? When you were analyzing the

    A) percentage of subjects who have continued or who have discontinued bulimic eating behaviors following an intensive treatent program compared to their pre-treatment baseline behaviors.
  43. A t-score of 70 is equivalent to

    B) the 98th percentile
  44. The mother of a newborn infant awakens when she hears the faintest cry of her child but is able to sleep through an earthquake that measures 4.5 on the Richter scale. This phenomenon can be attributed to the activity of the

    D) RAS
  45. The following neurotransmitter system is involved in Alzheimer's disease

    A) cholinergic
  46. A psychologist places the following ad in the newspaper: "Guaranteed solutions to your problems. Call Dr. X, licensed psychologist, 800-555-1212. Credit cards accepted, sliding scale. You'll feel better after you talk it out." Which of the following is true about this ad?

    A) The ad appears to be ethically acceptable
    B) The ad is unethical because the first sentence is misleading
    C) The ad is unethical because the first and last sentences are misleading
    D) The ad is unethical because the first and last sentences, we well as the phrase "licensed psychologist" is misleading
  47. C) The ad is unethical because the first and last sentences are misleading
  48. Dreams are typically remembered if the individual is awoken

    B) during REM sleep
  49. Anomia means a patient is

    B) unable to name familiar objects.
  50. Anticholinergic side effects of antipsychotics are best described by which of the following effects?

    E) A & C
  51. If a person presents you with an argument for a particular position and then retracts it, you will likely

    D) be more resistant to persuasion towards that position in the future
  52. To extinguish a classically conditioned response you would

    A) omit the US
  53. Functional amnesia is characterized by

    C) amnesia for autobiographical information
  54. A child constantly argues with authority figures, loses his temper easily, breaks rules both at home and in school, and occasionally gets into physical fights. The most accurate diagnosis would be

    D) oppositional defiant disorder
  55. ccording to research on psychotherapy outcome, the percentage of clients who benefit from therapy has been placed at

    D) 75%
  56. Which of the following brain structures is most responsible for attaching emotions to memories?

    D) amygdala
  57. Hypothyroidism is characterized by

    A) depression with cognitive impairment
  58. Alpha waves are characteristic of

    B) relaxed wakefulness
  59. Apraxia is an ability

    A) to carry out purposeful complex movements
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