Chapter 20 Lymphatic system

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  1. About how much is returned VIA lymphatic vessels daily
    3 liters

    **Capillary beds do not reclain some of their lost fluids.
  2. what is lymph
    clear fluid found in lymphatic vessels. close to plasma but less proteins.

    • **only flows to heart. and dosent clot
    •  ** cell flaps only open when interstitual fluid is high
  3. what is the role of the lymphatic system?
    transport proteins fluids and fats and stuff to general blood circulation

    **they begin blindly in the intercellular spaces of the soft tissues. no closed circut.
  4. Describe the lymphatic capillaries
    Microscopic blind vessels that over lap themselves and are anchored in by collagen fibers. found in most capillary beds made of simple squamous epithelium

    ** not found in bones teeth cartilage bone marrow, and the CNS
  5. decribe the lymph flow
    • lymp capillaries
    • larger lymph vessels
    • main lymph trunks
    • right lymph duct and thoracic duct
    • junction of internal jugular and subclavian.
  6. where does lymph for the upper right quadrant drain. and what about the rest of the body?
    upper right goes into the right lymphatic duct and the rest of the body goes into thoracic duct.

    ** the thoracic originates as the cisterna chyli
  7. what is lymphangitis
    caused by proliferation of WBC in response to underlying infection or something.

    the lymph vessels become inflamed and their vaso vasorum becomes congested with blood.
  8. describe the structure of a lymph vessel
    • Pretty similar to veins 
    • -thinner walls  and more valves
    • -contain lymph nodes
    • -when this lymph vessel gets bigger from capillary size the walls become THICKER and have 3 LAYERS.
  9. describe the function of lymph vessels
    proteins that accumulate in tissue spaces can return to blood by lymph only by lymphatics.

    -maintains osmotic pressure

    -lacteals absorb fats and neutrients, milky lymph found in lacteals 1-2% fat called chyle.
  10. describe the lymphatic pump.
    breathing movements and skeletal muscle contraction
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