Chapter 16 nursing assessment

  1. Closed-ended questions
    A method of inquiry that limits answers to one or two words, such as "yes" "no" or a number.
  2. Back Channeling
    A technique that encourages further elaboration; for example "Say More" or "Go on"
  3. Functional Health Patterns
    Categories or groups of related data that offer a comprehensive review of health functioning.
  4. Subjective Data
    Clients perceptions about themselves; for example, feelings of anxiety, pain, or stress.
  5. Assessment
    Collection and verification of data.
  6. Validation
    Comparison of data with another reliable source to confirm accuracy
  7. Database
    Information about a clients needs, health problems, and responses to these problems.
  8. Assessment Data
    Information that is descriptive, concise, and complete without inferences or interpretive statements.
  9. Data Clustering
    Organization of data to classify and focus on the correct problem
  10. Interview
    Organized conversation with a client to obtain information.
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Chapter 16 nursing assessment
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