1. serendipity
    an aptitude for making fortuitous discoveries
  2. conjecture
    an assumption
  3. prescient
    having foresigh
  4. sanguine
    cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confidnet
  5. purveyor
    a supplier
  6. anomalous
    deviating from/ inconsistent with comon order
  7. egalitarian
    believing in equality of people
  8. dowager
    woman who holds title or property from deceased hubby
  9. despotic
  10. iconoclast
    one who goes against traditionally held beliefs
  11. restitution
    restoration of anything to the one to who it properly belongs
  12. initiate
    to perfrom the first act
  13. levy
    to impose and collect by force or threat of force
  14. classify
    to arrange in class or classes based on observed resemblances and differences
  15. demographic
    single vital or scial statistic of human population
  16. acquiescent
    to comply; submit
  17. ostentation
    a display dictated by vanity and intended to invite applause or flattery
  18. stoicism
    the principles or practice of the Stoics; being even tempered in success and failure
  19. incantatory
    series of words said as magic spell or charm
  20. eradicate
    destroy thoroughly
  21. scathing
    scornful; severely critical
  22. bombastic
    high sounding but w ith little meaning
  23. quizzical
    indicating mild or amused puzzlement
  24. nonchalant
    feeling/appearing calma nd relaxed
  25. succint
  26. felicit
    state of happiness
  27. ad-libbed
    to speak or perform without previously preparing one's words
  28. axtemporaneous
    done or made without much or any prep
  29. transgressions
    an act that goes against law or rule; offence
  30. foibles
    minor weakness or eccentricity in someone's character
  31. unsung
    not celebrated or praised
  32. docile
    easy to manage
  33. humbug
    anything intended or calculated to deceive or mislead
  34. thwart
    to prevent
  35. quackery
  36. sophistry
    reasoning sound in appearance only
  37. balderdash
    senseless talk/writing; nonsense
  38. collaborate
    to labor/cooperate with other(s)
  39. expostulate
    to discuss
  40. ruminate
    to chew over again
  41. enervate
    to render ineffective
  42. expound
    to present and exxplain systematically & in detail
  43. inquisitive
    given to questioning
  44. charismatic
    exercising compelling charm that inspires devotion inothers
  45. animosityy
  46. fluent
    having ready/easy flow of words/ideas
  47. dauntless
  48. diffidence
    self distrust
  49. adroit
    having skill in bodily or mental powers
  50. erudition
    extensive knowledge of literature, history, etc
  51. pessimism
    tendency to see worst aspect of things; lack of hope in future
  52. perceptible
    able to be seen or noticed
  53. stabilize
    make or become unlikely to change, fail, or decline
  54. voluptuous
    characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure
  55. imperious
    insisting on obedience
  56. sheepish
    showing embarrassment from shame/lack of confidence
  57. pedant
    a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rulesĀ 
  58. torpid
    mentally/physically inactive; lethargic
  59. judicious
    prudent ; acting with/showing care and thought for future
  60. deference
    respectful subission/yielding
  61. obdurate
    impassive to feelings of humanity or pity
  62. rapacious
    disposed to seize by violence or by unlawful or greedy methods
  63. disavow
    to deny
  64. transcribe
    to write over again
  65. recollect
    to recall the knowledge of
  66. retract
    to recall or take back
  67. progressive
    happening or developing radually; proceeding step by step
  68. subliminal
    being beneath the threshold of consciousness
  69. perpetual
    never rending or changing
  70. stupefy
    to stun; to shock
  71. cathartic
    providing psychological relief thorough open expression of emotions
  72. corrosive
    that which causes gradual decay
  73. aberrant
    departing from accepted standard
  74. embryonic
    in rudimentary stage with potential for further development
  75. quotidian
  76. myopic
  77. unequivocal
    leaving no doubt; unamiguous
  78. forthright
    direct and outspoken; straightforward and honest
  79. cynical
    exhibiting moral skepticism
  80. drudgery
    hard and constant work in dull occuption
  81. prescient
  82. dismantel
    to take to pieces
  83. virtuoso
    master in technique of some fine art
  84. upstart
    person who was risen suddenly to wealth/high position
  85. undercut
    weaken; undermine
  86. piecemeal
    characterized by partial measures taken over a period of time
  87. holistic
    referennce to the whole
  88. transitory
    existing for short time only
  89. vindication
    the clearing of blame/suspicion
  90. contingencies
    absence of certainty in event
  91. reprimand
    to chide/rebuke for fault
  92. subvert
    to bring to ruin
  93. belabor
    rague or elaborate in detail; attack someone verbally
  94. deleterious
  95. salutary
  96. eschew
    to keep clear of
  97. subvert
    o bring to ruin
  98. propound
    tp ut forward for onsideration by others
  99. voractious
    eating with greediness
  100. enmity
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