1. What type is Glucagon?
    Pancreatic hormone
  2. What is the action for Glucagon?
    Converts liver glycogen into glucose. Glucagon may not work if liver glycogen is depleted due to starvation or chronic liver disease.
  3. What is the route for Glucagon?
  4. What is the onset for Glucagon?
    4-7 minutes
  5. What is the peak for Glucagon?
    8-10 minutes.
  6. What is the duration for Glucagon?
    11-30 minutes.
  7. What is the use for Glucagon?
    Hypoglycaemia if unable to cannulate for administration of Glucose Gel 10%
  8. What are the adverse effects of Glucagon?
    • 1. Nausea and vomiting
    • 2. Allergic reactions rarely occur
  9. What is the preparation of Glucagon?
    • 1mg vial and syringe containing 1ml of sterile water.
    • dissolve the Glucagon powder by adding the entire contents of the syringe to the vial containing the glucagon. The solution must be prepared immediately prior to use.
  10. What is the dose for Glucagon?
    Patients ≥ 16yrs of age - 1mg (1ml)of reconstituted solution SC/IM

    Patients < 16yrs of age - 500mcg (0.5ml) of reconstituted solution SC/IM.
  11. What should you give patient when they regain consciousness.
    give food to prevent recurrence of hypoglycaemia. Carbohydrates constitute the main source of energy for all body functions especially the brain. Cereals, vegetables, fruits, rice, potatoes, legumes, and flour products are the main source of carbohydrates.
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