Bio Final

  1. What is science and what are 3 examples?
    the study of nature.
  2. define technology and give 3 examples of the products of the technology
    • developing of useful tools.
    • cars, computers, tv
  3. why are rober hooke and robet brown famous in bio history
    • hooke: cell
    • brown: nucleus
  4. give 2 major accomplishments of Anton Leeuwenhoek
    made better microscope. good drawer of allge
  5. how are a simple and compund microscope diff and wit is the max magnification for compund light microscope
    • simple: 1 lense
    • compound: 2 lense?
    • magnigication: 2000x
  6. what is the diff in the image produced by a TEm and a SEM and wut r 3 objects that require an electron microscope to see
    • TEM: 3D image
    • SEM:
    • Viruses, organelles, ribosomes
  7. name 2 organelles that animal cells have that plant cells dont and 3 organelles that plant cells have but animal cells dont
    • animals: lysomes, centiels
    • plants: cell wall, chloroplast
  8. describe the structure and function of the cell membrane, the nucleus and the cytoplasm
    cell membrane: double layer of fat (phospholipid) with proteins. forms a barrier; controls what enters and leaves the cell.

    nucleus: spherical; it is made of DNA and proteins (holes in membrane). DNA in nucleus controls protein synthesis thus controlling all cell activites.

    cytoplasm: is cell liquid (water and proteins). cyto plasm has organelles in it; it is the place where many cell reactions occur
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