Development Psychology 2

  1. social referencing
    a process of using others facial expressions as a cue about the situation
  2. Secure base
    According to John Bowlby the relationship in which a child feels safe and protected
  3. Imprinting
    The learnrd attachment that is formed at a particular early period
  4. habituation
    a method for studying infant paerception
  5. concrete operational period
    Piagets theory, age 7 to 12, where the child is beginning to understand abstract ideas
  6. preoperational period
    Piagets theory, age 2 to 7, where a child thinks representionally, but cant relate these to each other or take a point of view of their own
  7. accomodation
    piagets theory, childs process of changing his schemas based on interactions with the enviorment
  8. assimilation
    piagets theory, the childs process of interpreting the enviorment in terms of schemas he already has
  9. sensorimoter period
    piagets theory, 0 to 2 years, a child has not yet achieved odject permanance
  10. teratogens
    environmental factors that can disrupt healty neural development, ie alchohol cigsĀ 
  11. neural tube
    the tubular structure formed on the embryo stage in which the central nervous system devolops
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