Philosophy 101

  1. Plato thought about this world and the other world?
    there is a physical world and other intangelable world.
  2. what does the physical world?
    governed by space and time, can be changed, tangible items.
  3. Other world features?
    not subjuect to space and time, can't be changed, intangible forms.
  4. Rationalism is
    knowledge can't be learned by expereince and our knowledge is already there from previous exitence to be accessed.
  5. Empiricism is?
    our knowledge is based off of expereince and that the mind is blank.
  6. 3 difference between Socrates earlier, more recent and later accusers.
    1. earlier accusers he doesn't know who they are. 2. more recent ones have been cotaminated by earlier accusers bad mouth scorotes( like Aristophanes). 3. later accusers are ones who brought charges against him.
  7. Metaphysical?
    Things in the physical world are shadows of the really real form of the other world.
  8. Epistemology?
    questions how knowledge is attainable.
  9. Aesthetics?
    to seek the understanding in beauty like art.
  10. Ethics
    Moral standard or principles to do what is right.
  11. explain the ring of gyes in detail.
    Sheep hearder, ground opened up, found a horse with a body inside, took the ring, learned it can turn him invisible.
  12. explain 1 points about the story by plato of gyges.
    people will do decetfull thing if no one is aware, so they can get ahead. people will
  13. Plato's view of a real human is?
    a vessel for the errors of the form of the good. to put right of what was once wrong to go back to the FOTG.
  14. Orgins of the word philosophy
    started in greece from two greek words. philen-to love and sophia wisdom. TO LOVE OF WISDOM
  15. greek word for love
    philen or philo
  16. greek work for wisdom
    sophia or sophos
  17. what are the 4 division of philsosphy?
    • metaaphysics
    • eplitemolgy
    • axiology
    • logic
  18. Metaphysics is what?
    experience that we have is real.
  19. epistemology is?
    Means the study of knowledge.
  20. Axiology is?
    ethics, moral values, values.
  21. logic is
    3rd leveling thinking with understanding.
  22. Platos view of the body.
    A vessel for the FOTG or the soul to incibate.
  23. Platos view of our existence int this world?
    To make up for the error the soul committed in the other world. the body is a punishment for the soul.
  24. Platos view of death and what happens to the soul when we die?
    • if you do good then your sould goes back to the FOTG or other world.
    • if you mess up your sould gets recycled back into a human body to try again.
  25. Platos view of knowledge?
    • to know is merely us remembering our knowledge from the other world.
    • whe the soul takes a hold of humans the soul knowledge is now unconcious.
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