Coping skill 1

  1. Write your feelings on paper then rip it up
  2. Use stress relievers
  3. Build a fort of pillows and then destroy it
  4. Throw ice cubes at the bathtub wall
  5. Throw ice cubes at a tree, etc 
  6. vigorously brush a stuffed animal (but use gentle vigor)
  7. Slash an empty plastic soda bottle 
  8. Slash a piece of heavy cardboard 
  9. Slash an old shirt or sock 
  10. Make a soft cloth doll to represent the things you are angry at; cut and tear it instead of yourself
  11. Flatten aluminium cans for recycling, seeing how fast you can go
  12. On a sketch or photo of yourself, mark in red ink what you want to do.
  13. Cut and tear a picture of yourself
  14. Break sticks
  15. Cut up fruits
  16. Make yourself as comfortable as possible
  17. Stomp around in heavy shoes
  18. Play handball or tennis
  19. Yell at what you are breaking and tell it why you are angry, hurt, upset, etc.
  20. Buy a cheap plate and decorate it with markers, stickers, cut outs from magazines, words, images, what ever that expresses your pain and sadness and when you're done, smash it. (Please be careful when doing this)
  21. The Calm Jar (Fill a mason jar or similar with colored water and glitter. When feeling upset or angry you can shake it to disturb the glitter and focus on that until the glitter settles.)
  22. Blow up a balloon and pop it
Card Set
Coping skill 1
List of coping skills and activities to use when you are in crisis, stress, distress, and dysrrgulated