1. The gossip circulated quickly through the small town. Blood circulates more quickly during physical exercise.
    . circulate v. To move throughout an area or group; to move along a some what circular route
  2. Sitting in salt water, the old coins corroded and became very easy tobreak.
    corrode v. To be slowly weakened by chemical reactions
  3. The Cyrillic alphabet was derived from the Greek alphabet
    derive v. To come from, usually through a long, slow process
  4. With new medical technology, the detection of cancer is much easier nowadays.
    detection n. Discovering something that cannot easily be found
  5. Using carrier pigeons, the military commanders exchanged messages expeditiously.
    expeditiously adv. Quickly and efficiently
  6. Not until after the new software was installed could we implement the new filing system.
    implement v. To make use of; to carry out
  7. The innovative use of props and lighting drew many favorable comments.
    innovative adj. Ahead of the times; novel
  8. Installation of the new software takes only four minutes.
    . installation n. Setting something into position for use
  9. The only problem with living in such a big house is that it requires a lot of maintenance.
    maintenance n. The act of keeping something in good condition
  10. To test car safety, automobile makers study crash simulations
    simulation n. An imitation or representation
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