English Vocab Final

  1. adroit
    adj; skillful, expert in the use of hands or mind
  2. ambidextrous
    adj; able to use both hands equally well
  3. averse
    adj; having a deep-seated distaste, opposed or unwilling
  4. belligerent
    adj; warlike, aggressive
  5. benefactor
    n; one who does good to others
  6. benevolent
    adj; kindly, charitable
  7. capricious
    adj; subject to whims or passing fancies
  8. clandestine
    adj; secret, concealed
  9. coerce
    v; to compel or force
  10. cogent
    adj; forceful, convincing, or relevant
  11. contentious
    adj; quarrelsome, inclined to argue
  12. cursory
    adj; hasty, quick, not thorough
  13. dearth
    n; a lack, scarcity or famine
  14. deride
    v; to ridicule or mock
  15. diffident
    adj; shy or lacking self-confidence
  16. duplicity
    n; treachery, deceitfulness
  17. extirpate
    v; to destroy totally
  18. extol
    v; to praise extravagantly
  19. exult
    v; to rejoice greatly
  20. facile
    adj; easily done or attained
  21. garrulous
    adj; talkative or chatty
  22. guile
    n; treacherous cunning
  23. indomitable
    adj; unconquerable
  24. insidious
    adj; intended to trick, sly
  25. inveterate
    adj; firmly established or long-standing
  26. meticulous
    adj; particular about details, fussy
  27. officious
    adj; meddling or prying
  28. ominous
    adj; threatening, of bad omen
  29. panacea
    n; cure-all
  30. placate
    v; to pacify or soothe
  31. prowess
    n; bravery or superior skill or ability
  32. rancor
    n; bitter resentment or ill-will
  33. recalcitrant
    adj; stubbornly disobedient
  34. redress
    v; to set right
  35. reiterate
    v; to say again
  36. ruminate
    v; to meditate
  37. sinuous
    adj; winding, having many curves
  38. solace
    n; comfort, relief
  39. stolid
    adj; not easily moved mentally or emotionally
  40. supercilious
    adj; proud and snobbish
  41. supress
    v; to stop by force or put down
  42. tepid
    adj; lukewarm, unenthusiastic (absence of interest)
  43. venal
    adj; open to or marked by bribery or corruption
  44. venial
    adj; pardonable
  45. vociferous
    adj; loud and noisy
  46. elucidate
    v; to clarify or explain
  47. somnolent
    adj; sleepy, drowsy
  48. vehement
    adj; intense, forceful, powerful
  49. zealous
    adj; eager, devoted
  50. vivacious
    adj; lively
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