US History Test 1

  1. bartolomeu dias
    Portuguese explorer who reached the tip of Africa
  2. Henry the Navigator
    Created a school of sailing, was Portuguese
  3. Vasco de Gama
    First Portuguese to reach India
  4. Columbus
    1492 set sail, landed in the Bahamas north of Cuba. sailed for spain
  5. Ponce de Leon
    Sailed for Spain, searched for the fountain of youth in Florida
  6. Hernando de Soto
    Spanish explorer who explored around the Mississippi and south east US, died on the banks of the mississippi.(spanish)
  7. Magellan
    He set about the first voyage to succesfully circumnavigate the world, died in the carribean, his first mate, Juan Sabastian, finished the voyage with what was left of his men(spanish)
  8. Cortes
    Killed the Aztecs after getting his ransom of a room of gold and two of silver. had a disease of the heart that could only be cured by gold. (Spanish)
  9. De Vacca
    Spanish con. who was captured by natives, escaped and befriended the natives. (spanish)
  10. Balboa
    The first person to see the Pacific near Panama (spanish)
  11. Pizarro
    killed the Inca (spanish)
  12. Amerigo Vespucci
    first to know America was America (spanish)
  13. Juan Sebastian del cano
    first to circumnavigate the world, took over magellan's crew(spanish)
  14. de las casas
    priest who wrote about the horrors of native enslavment spain
  15. coranado
    man who searched for seven cities of gold and found grand can spain
  16. John Cabot
  17. Hudson
    hudson bay and area england
  18. Sir Francis Drake
    English Privateer who sailed up and down american coast looting spanish ships the CIRCUMNAVIGATED THE FREAKING WORLD and come home to england with all the monies
  19. walter raleigh
    started roanoke english
  20. what is left of roanoke?
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