religion notes ch 2-4

  1. what is magic?
    the belief that we can control god
  2. what is sacrilige?
    the misuse of something sacred
  3. what is simony?
    the buying or selling of something sacred
  4. what is athiesm?
    the denial of the excistance of god
  5. what name is forbidden by the jews to utter?
  6. what is the sin of blasphemy?
    to speak words of hatred, reproach or defiance against god
  7. what is the explotation of gods name?
    the sin of using god and faith as a means of making money
  8. what is the sin of cursing?
    asking god to hurt another person
  9. what does the fifth commandment, though shalt not kill, forbid?
    murder, euthanasia, suicide, unjust war
  10. what is adultery?
    sexual intercorse between to married people who are not married to eachother
  11. what is chastity?
    the intergration of a man in body and spirit
  12. what is fornication?
    having sex before marrige
  13. what is a requirment for penance for stealing?
    making restitution
  14. what is restitution?
    returning the stolen object or the value to the victim
  15. what is lying?
    telling falsehood to someone who deserves the truth
  16. what is coveting?
    any intense form of human desire
  17. what is forbidden by the 10th commandment?
    piling up material things and living a meterial excistance
  18. what is the decalogue?
    the ten words or the ten commandments of god
  19. what does "our father" mean?
    that god acts as a father too us
  20. what does hallowed mean?
    blessed or sanctified
  21. what does thy kingdom come mean?
    the prayer for the fullfilment of the kingdom of god on earthy
  22. what is our daily bread?
    the eucharist or food for our spirit
  23. what does amen mean?
    so be it
  24. what is a prayer?
    raising ones heart and mind to god
  25. what is a public prayer?
    a prayer done by a group of christians when they gather for worship
  26. what is a liturgical prayer?
    prayers officially approved by the church
  27. what is non liturgical prayer?
    prayer not accepted as official prayers of the church
  28. what is private prayer?
    prayer used by christians when they pray by themselves
  29. what is mental prayer?
    prayer in which we use our own words to speak with god
  30. vocal prayer is...
    when we use prayers that have been written by someone else
  31. what is the highest form of the liturgy?
    the mass or the eucharist
  32. what do we do in the eucharist?
    when we solemnly recalland make the present the death and rising of the lord and recieve his sacred body and lbood as our spiritual food
  33. what is the celebration of the sacrements?
    a form of liturgical prayer
  34. what is the benediction of the blessed sacrament?
    showing the body of christ at mass
  35. what is a monstrance?
    a container to hold the host
  36. what are the novenas?
    nine days of prayer
  37. what is a litany?
    a leader recites petitions followed by the congragation saying a simple phrase
  38. what is the rosary?
    a way of meditation on the mysteries of life of jesus and his blessed mother
  39. what is the examination of concience?
    a way in which we stock how we stand with the lord at that particular moment
  40. what does the acrynom acts stand for?
    adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, supplication
  41. what is adoration?
    when we praise and humble ourselves before the lord
  42. what is contrition?
    when we say we're sorry for our sins
  43. what is thanksgiving?
    thanking god
  44. what is supplication?
    asking god for stuff
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