Race Inequality

  1. social construction of race
    • relative to society
    • societal construction
    • individual construction

    change over time, over geography, over culture
  2. reification
    • process of endowing social structures which are created by people with separate and real existence
    • - we created it, has life, it controls us
  3. race vs ethnicity
    • race we create and is physical (tones of skin, eyes, hair)
    • ethnicity is cultural group (nationality and culture)
  4. majority vs minority
    • majority more POWER
    • minority lack of POWER and advantage

    not necessarily with numbers
  5. individual discrimination
    one on one acts by members of dominant group that harm subordinate group or their property
  6. institutional discrimination
    • systematic to how society works 
    • day to day practices of organizations and institutions that have a harmful impact on members of subordinate groups 

    ie crack cocaine laws, stop and frisk, reverse redlining
  7. why must we focus on institutional discrimination
    they reinforce individual discrimination and affect individuals affected in a number of ways
  8. ethnocentrism
    belief that your group and way of life in a gorup is superior to others groups
  9. white privelage
    why its difficult to discuss
    • because if we discuss it it means it exists and we have to do something about it 
    • makes people feel uncomfortable
  10. white privilege
    why it's important to discuss
    acknowledge and talk about it because we always talk about disadvantage and not the advantage
  11. white privelege 
    why we don't focus on racism towards white people
    it doesn't quite exist and if it does it's nothing like racism against minorities
  12. evidence for white privilege
    • employment
    • housing
    • wealth 
    • police interactions
  13. color blind racism and it's problems
    we regret past so move forward with equality
  14. continuum vs dichotomy
    • dichotomy - two things completely opposite, easy to seperate
    • continuum - imagine color spectrum with arrows at the end and you fall in between. Not one way or other
  15. NC Racial History
    • 1898 Race Riots
    • 1972 Wilmington 10
  16. Present Day hate groups
    • KKK 
    • Council of Conservative Citizens
    • National Alliance
    • League of the South
  17. Modern Day discrimination
    Media thoughts on interracial marriage, hate crimes, criminal justice, voting, political representation, employment
  18. Symbiotic Interaction
    • The looking class self (identity comes from others)
    • Labeling theory 

    • solution
    • racial socialization
    • increased degregatation
    • cultural diversity incorporated into education
    • encourage positive self concepts of race
  19. functionalist
    • how can we increase stability 
    • assimilation and amalgamation(combining into one)
    • melting pot

    • solution
    • enforce assimilation (english official language)
    • Discourage preferential treatment of minorities
  20. Conflict Theory
    • class prospective -racial inequality (as it relates to AA) stems from slave holder's desires to increase profits and keep costs low
    • capitalism = keep cost low

    Split labor market theory - primary sector (normal benefits, high wage). Secondary sectory (dangerous, low paying). Divisions fall on minority/majority lines

    Gendered racism - intersection of racism and sexism causes minority women to be exploited the most
  21. looking class
    • identity comes from others
    • imagine how we appear to others
    • imagine how others judge us
    • make identity
  22. conflict theory solutions
    • how can we reverse inequalities
    • direct policy interventions that impose racial equality 

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