Horse Production Test 1-Colors and Markings

  1. W
    lacks pigment in skin and hair (white)
  2. G
    • excludes pigment from hair
    • grey gene
  3. E
    creates black hair pigment
  4. A
    distribution of black hair
  5. C
    • cream gene
    • dilution of hair pigment
  6. D
    • dun gene
    • dilution of hair pigment
  7. TO
    tobiano spotting pattern in hair pigment
  8. R
    roan gene
  9. Base Colors
    • black
    • red
    • bay
    • white
  10. Black
    • have black dominant gene (E)
    • recessive agouti gene (a)
    • can have markings
  11. Chestnut/Sorrel
    • no black points (a)
    • has recessive black gene (e)
    • black pigment in skin but not hair
  12. Chestnut
    mane/tail and hair coat are the same color
  13. Sorrel
    mane/tail is darker than the hair
  14. Bay
    • reddish body coat
    • black points (A) (E)
  15. Brown
    • genetically a bay (E, A)
    • red pigment in hair has variations
  16. White
    • have white gene (Ww)
    • lethal whites (WW) don't live long
    • pink skin
    • rare color
    • no pigment in skin or hair
  17. Grey
    • grey gene excludes pigment
    • dominant grey gene (G)
    • born with a base color and lighten with age
    • born black or bay genetically
  18. Dun
    • yellowish dilution of bay horse
    • dun gene (D)
    • has dun factors
  19. Dun Factors
    • stripe down back
    • whither strip
    • striping behind ears
    • zebra striping on legs
    • cobwebbing on forehead
  20. Grulla
    • black horse diluted with yellowish hair
    • have dun gene (D)
    • has black points
  21. Red Dun
    • has dun gene (D)
    • sorrel/chestnut base coat
    • red points
    • yellowish dilution of red
  22. Buckskin
    • bay with a cream gene (C)
    • bay base coat (E, A)
    • dark points
    • different from a dun
  23. Palomino
    • chestnut/sorrel base coat (e, a)
    • cream gene dilution (C)
    • gold, yellow or tan coat results
    • white, cream tail & mane
  24. Roans
    • can occur on any base color
    • Roan gene (R)
    • born with roan color
  25. Sabino
    • can be any base color
    • has roaning
    • blue eyes are rare
    • irregular white patches from birth
    • roans with age
  26. Overo
    • white doesn't cover the top line
    • legs are solid mostly
    • face markings can vary; usually large
    • occur on bay, black, or red
    • no specific gene
    • sporratic white patterns
    • normal face markings
  27. Tobiano
    • tail can be two-tone
    • Tobiano gene (TO)
    • solid color horse with huge white markings
    • white on top line
    • solid colored head with normal head markings
  28. Tovero
    • combo of overo and tobiano
    • dark pigment in ears and muzzle
    • chest spots
    • pink skin possible
    • one or both eyes "glass"
  29. Appaloosa
    • white with any color
    • genetically hard to distinguish
  30. Blanket Appaloosa
    color with white over hind quarters
  31. Leopard Appaloosa
    • white coat with colored spots
    • base color shows through
    • have mottling on muzzles and striped hooves
  32. Varnish Roan Appaloosa
    roaning occurs all over the body except bony surfaces
  33. Snowflake Appaloosa
    white spotted pattern on a colored horse
  34. True White Markings
    patches of white hair with pink skin underneath
  35. Unnatural White Markings
    • result of damage to the hair follicle
    • scars or brands
  36. Blue or Glass Eye
    • light blue or hazel iris
    • not common
    • seen with any base color
  37. Half Pastern
    white that extends from the coronet covering halfway up the pastern
  38. Pastern
    • white that extends from coronet band to fetlock
    • covers pastern bone
  39. Fetlock/Ankle
    • white that extends from coronet to above the fetlock
    • has to cover fetlock area
  40. Sock/Half Stocking
    white that extends halfway up the cannon
  41. Full Sock/Stocking
    • white that extends up to the knee or hock
    • common in paints
  42. Ermine Spots
    • dark spots found on white markings on the coronet band
    • often appears with vertical banding on the hooves
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