test review questions

  1. What are you looking
    for on a KUB (boney structures)?
    • Iliac crest, pubis,
    • greater trochanter
  2. How is the CR
    situated for a Decub projection?
    • Horizontally,
    • parallel to the floor,
    • perpendicular to the IR
  3. What is the optimal
    time someone should lay on their side for an ab?
    10-20 minutes
  4. What is an abnormal
    accumulation of fluid in the pleura space of the lungs?
    Pleura effusion
  5. Pleura effusion
    is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the pleura space of the lungs?
  6. What position would
    be used to look for Pleura Effusion?
  7. What is the kvp for a
    PA chest?
  8. What kind of contrast
    would be on a chest x-ray?
    Low contrast
  9. Where is the CR
    located for a supine ab AP projection?
    Iliac crest
  10. How many ways do the
    lungs expand when you take a deep breath?
    3 ways….. up, out, down
  11. Requirements for a
    good PA projection?
    72 SID, scapula’s out of the way, centered at T7……… and soon
  12. For an upright AP
    abdomen projection where is the CR centered?
    2 inches above the iliac crest
  13. How long do you have
    to be upright for an upright image?
    at least 5 minutes
  14. Clavicular joints in
    a PA chest….
    Should be horizontal and centered on spine
  15. How far should your feet be  from the IR in the Lordotic positioning…..
    Feet should be 12 inches away from IR
  16. Modified Sims
    position is used for preforming what procedureImage Upload 1
    Barium Enema
  17. Image Upload 2What Position is This
  18. Fowlers position
    Head above Feet
  19. Lithotomy position is
    Legs in ankle supports
  20. Image Upload 3
    Lithotomy position
  21. Why would you move
    cassette down 1 inch when moving to a PA chest from AP chest?
    Divergence of the beam
  22. What part of the
    lungs is responsible for oxygen and gas exchange?
  23. Projection definition
    Direction or path of the CR of the x-ray beam
  24. Why would you shoot a
    PA for chest over a AP?
    Magnification of the heart
  25. What is the
    importance for an upright chest?
    That they are upright/erect…..(
  26. Why would you do a
    left lateral vs. right lateral?
    Magnification of the heart
  27. What is the recommended Kvp for Ab projection?
  28. Image Upload 4What is this position
    Decub Right Lateral
  29. Image Upload 5what is This Position
    Decub left lateral
  30. Image Upload 6wgat does this show
    end of expiration
  31. Image Upload 7wga
    end of expiration
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