Evolution of Life on Earth

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  1. Classification
    Put things in some order
  2. Phylogeny
    Relationship of one species to another
  3. Systematics
    Classification organ based on phylogeny
  4. Cladistics
    grouping of species determined to be related because they share some distinguishing novel feature
  5. Clade
    Group that shares feature
  6. Divergent Evolution
    • Many species a rise over time from common ancestor
    • How adaptive radiation works
    • Results in species with homologous structures
  7. Homologous Structures
    Have similar characteristic  (because of commone ancestor/inherited) but serve different purpose due to new environment
  8. Convergent evoution
    • Species with no recent ancestor evolve nearly identical structures because happen to live in same environment¬†
    • Analogous structures
  9. Analogous structures
    Shared characteristic due to convergent evolution (because of environment)
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