1. What is a tsunami?
    a wave caused by an underwater earthquake
  2. What is a fault? (Earthquakes)
    it's a crack in the earth's crust where movement has occurred
  3. What is the famous fault in CA?
    San Andreas Fault
  4. How do you measure the intensity of an earthquake, and what is the name of the scale used to measure it?
    • A seismograph (machine) measure intensity
    • the Richter Scale is the name used to measure
  5. What is a dormant volcano?
    A volcano with no recent activity, but scientists believe will erupt again
  6. What is an extinct volcano?
    A volcano with no signs of activity over a very long period of time, thought to be unlikely to erupt in the future
  7. What is the name of the theory of how the continents were once grouped into one large land mass that broke apart because of plate movement?
  8. What is the movement of plates?
    The idea that the earth's crust is broken into a number of plates that are slowly moving.
  9. Name 3 famous volcanoes.
    • Mount St. Helens (WA state)
    • Vesuvius (Italy)
    • Krakatoa (Indonesia)
  10. Parts of a volcano: (label on a diagram)
    magma chamber, magma, vent, lava, ash and gases
  11. Label a diagram of the interior of the earth. (what are the four parts?)
    crust, mantle, inner core, outer core
  12. What type of mountain is it when two plates collide, and the crust bends and buckles?
    Folded Mountains
  13. What type of mountain is it when there are sections of rock that are separated by faults, lifts up
    Fault-block mountain
  14. What type of mountain is it in which magma explodes out of an opening in the crust?
    Volcanic Mountain
  15. What type of mountain is it when magma builds up and pushes on rock above?
    Dome mountain
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