Hardy Weinberg Law and Use

  1. Hardy Weinberg idea
    • Sexual recombination alone cannot change relative frequencies of alleles or genotypes in population over repeated matings
    • i.e. Meiosis alone does not chance overall gene pool
    • Therefore changes come from hardy weinberg conditions
  2. Hardy Weinberg Conditions (stated positively, so reflecting the actual condition, not ideal)
    • Changes in the gene pool results from:
    • emmigration/immigration
    • Small population
    • Net mutations
    • Non random mating
    • Natural Selection
    • Without conditions above, genotype frequencies and alleles remains the same in the next generation
  3. Hardy Weinberg Probabilities Ex:
    p=Dom allele = A=.8
    q= Rec Allele= a=.2
    • Frequency of allele p or q
    • Frequency of genotype= Image Upload 1

    • P(AA)=.8*.8=.64
    • P(aa)=.2*.2=.04
    • P(Aa)=(.8*.2)*2=.16*2=.32

    • P(Aa) is times 2 because if heterozygous because sperm or egg has to donate one (they have to have one) 
    • Also P(AA)+P(Aa)+P(aa) must equal one
    • Image Upload 2
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