bio 135 practical

  1. this pair consists of two bones the anterior clavicle and the posterior scapula
    pectoral or shoulder girldes
  2. collarbone, is a slender doubly curved bone
  3. which end of the clavicle attaches to the mandubrium and is rounded or triangluar is cross section
    sternal angle
  4. which end of the clavicle attaches to the scapula  and forms part of the shoulder joint
    acromical angle
  5. on the posteriorinferior surface, this process anchors a ligament and provides a handy landmark for telling whether the clavicle is right or left
    conoid tubercle
  6. or shoulder blade, generally triangular and are commonly called wings
  7. flattened body and two important process, enlarged, roughened end of the spine of scapula
  8. is beaklike like crow or raven is on scapula
    coracoid process
  9. at the base of the coracoid process allows nerves to pass
    suprascapular notch
  10. a shallow socket that receives the head of the humerus
    glenoid cavity
  11. the arm or brachium, typically a long bone
  12. two prominences from lateral to medial, separate by a groove that guides the tendon of the biceps muscle to its point of attachment
    greater and lesser tubercles
  13. the groove that separates greater and lesser tuberble is called
    intertubercular sulus
  14. midpoint of the shaft is a roughened area
    deltoid tuberosity
  15. runs oblinquely indicating the pathway of the radial nerve
    radial groove
  16. resmebling a spool articulates with the ulna
  17. often called the funny bone
    medial epicondyle
  18. above the trochlea on the anterior surface
    coronoid fossa
  19. above the trochlea on the posterior surface
    olecrannon fossa
  20. small, lateral to the coronoid fossa, receives head of the radius
    radial fossa
  21. what are the two bones that make up the anti brachial
    radius and ulna
  22. the medial aspect of the shaft is a prominence on the raduis
    radial tuberosity
  23. is the lateral positioned bone in the forearm, disc shaped head
  24. distally, small, reveals where the radius articulates with the end of the ulna
    ulnar notch
  25. is the medial bone of the forearm
  26. proximal end of the ulna bears this anteroiorly
    coroniod process
  27. proximal end of the ulna bears this posteriorly
  28. the coronoid procss and olecrannon are separated by
    trochlear notch
  29. this small notch on the lateral side of the coroniod process articulates with the head of the radius
    radial notch
  30. small medial, serves as a point of attachment for the ligaments of the wrist
    ulnar styloid process
  31. the wrist is the proximal portion of the hand it is referred to as
  32. the 8 bones composing the wrist are called
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