MA 123 Ch 2

  1. Average rate of change
    • ...of y with respect to x
    • change in y/ change in x
    • slope of secant line (rise over run)
  2. average velocity
    • rate of change of position with respect to time
    • distance traveled / time elapsed
  3. instantaneous rate of change
    the result of computing the average rate of change over smaller and smaller intervals
  4. derivative
    • of f with respect to x, at x = x1 is the instantaneous rate of change of f with respect to x at x = x1
    • lim h-->0 f(x1 + h) - f(x) / h
  5. f '(x)
    the derivative of f at x where x is at a general point
  6. v(t)
    • instantaneous velocity
    • the derivative of s at t
  7. tangent line
    graph of a function f at a point P(x1, f(x1)) with a slope equal to f ' (x1)
  8. equation of a tangent line
    y = f(x1) + f ' (x1)(x - x1)
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