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  1. Why do you need to teach a client with good oral hygiene?
    Appearance improves, appetite improves and food tasted better, healthy teeth and gums improve over all health.
  2. How to remove dental?
    Gently move the denture up and down. Try to grasp the gum area not the denture in a labeled container.
  3. Steps in perineal care? pg.632
    FEMALE : cleanse from the tip of the penis or sponges MALE: cleanse from the tip of the penis downward.
  4. Guideline to remove secretion from patient eye? pg.641
    Wipe the client eyelid from the inner (next to nose to the outer canthus)
  5. Instruction for caring with hearing aid? pg. 641
    DO NOT CLEAN WITH ALCOHOL!. avoid exposing to heat and moisture, turn the volume down completely before inserting the aid in the clients ear.
  6. Nursing intervention caring for fingernails?
    If clients nails are torn or jagged, clip them with a sterile nail clipper and make them smooth. This helps prevent the nails from snagging on clothing or bed linens.
  7. Appropriate measure in assisting shaving the client ? pg.635
    Holding the blade razor at a 45� angle to the skin, move it across the skin in short strokes in the direction the hair grows. If using an electric shaver, move it across the area as needed until all of the hair is cut.
  8. Procedure to follow when applying hair care? phg.623
  9. Caring for washing a patient face. pg 626 50-7
    Avoid using soap on the face unless the client wants it. RATIONALE: Soap is drying, especially to the face. Carefully sponge the client's closed eyelids with clear water from inner to outer canthus, unless he or she is wearing contact lenses. Apply lotion to the hands. Also put lotion on the client's face, if desired.
  10. Nursing intervention for unresponsive client.
  11. Know when to wear and not to wear gloves.
    Not when changing clients bed.
  12. What to do when administering a bath?. pg 627.
  13. Purpose of back rub. pg.624
    the backrub provides relaxation and comfort. A backrub is given as part of the bathing process and in the evening.
  14. Nursing intervention when giving a back rub
    Give a backrub at other times as well, for the immobile client, to prevent skin breakdown.The backrub is often the highlight of the day for the client who is confined to bed. The backrub can be relaxing for the client and allows the nurse direct observation of the client's skin condition.
  15. What are the contra indication if you use bigger scrubbing?
    Blood cloth.
  16. Characteristic of urine during data collection. pg.643
    Color: light yellow or amber in color. Clarity: clear or transparent. Odor: Aromatic. Volume: 250 and 400 ml at one time. Specific gravity: when compared with water, of 1.010 to 1.025. Acidity: Slightly alkaline.
  17. Definition of �Frequency�
  18. What is the reason if you found blood in the stool?
  19. What will you do if the client has bathroom privileges?
  20. External catheter
  21. Define purgative enema
  22. How far should the rectal tube insert to a child?
  23. How to document normal Bowel sound
  24. What does it mean if a client vomit a coffee brown material?
  25. Definition of urination, voiding, micturation
    Passing urine from the body.
  26. What to care for end dwelling or retention
  27. What carminative edema does to a patient
  28. What type of technique should be use when inserting a catheter?
    Surgical asepsis
  29. Characteristic of urine when dehydrated
  30. What are the signs and symptoms of UTI
  31. What the stool look like if the person has Gal bladder disease?
  32. What are considered normal diminished bowel sound
    Every 5-20 seconds.
  33. What is intestinal parasite?
    Tape worm; eggs.
  34. Rationale why a patient should perform pattern of cough off septum from their lungs?
  35. Supplies and equipment when doing stool specimen
    Wooden tongue blade.
  36. Correct steps taking urine examination when taking retention catheter?
    Use gloves.
  37. How would you document on a patient taking ice chips?
  38. Correct technique when collecting midstream urine specimen?
  39. What you should know when monitoring 24hrs urine specimen?
    Discard the first urine in the morning. urinate to the specimen cup through out the day.
  40. When is the best time to collect sputum specimen?
    In the Morning
  41. Know what can be included in an intake measurement?
  42. Know what stool specimen testing for?
    Infectious organism
  43. What to document on a sputum Label?
  44. What to use when treating a bleeding injury?
    Sterile bandage
  45. What is montgomery strap?
    These straps allow the dressing to be changed without having to remove tape from the clients skin with each change. This measure helps prevent skin irritation because the tape remains in place when the dressing are changed.
  46. What is the use of T-binder
    A T-binder gets its name from its shape. Although not used frequently today, the nurse may see a T-binder used in home care. A T-binder can also be fabricated as a first aid measure. It is used to hold rectal or perineal dressings in place. The top longer band is placed around the client's waist and the perineal strap is brought between the legs.
  47. Criteria of anti-embolism stocking (TED)
  48. Purpose of elastic roller bandage?
    Compression bandage. Although usually wrapped around a limb to give support, the ACE bandage may also be used to hold a dressing on an extremity or the body's trunk. Sometimes an ACE bandage may be wrapped around a body part to exert pressure over a bleeding point.
  49. What to monitor on a leg and arms bandage?
    Monitor circulation.
  50. What does it mean if there is cyanotic appearance of the leg?
    Restricted circulation. Monitor CMS check.
  51. What are the signs and symptoms if you have a block of circulation in extremities?
    How would you know if a client have blockage
  52. Purpose of TED?
    Prevent blood cloth.
  53. TED purpose for post operatively?
    asses the patient pulses.
  54. Purpose of abdominal Binder?
    For client who has surgery.
  55. Know how to wrap an elastic lower bondage?
    Distal to proximal
  56. What to do after having a bandage in the arm?
    Re-asses the arms.
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