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  1. Hydrozoned

    G o p w s w r t i a e t c w.
    Groups of plants with similar water requirements together in an effort to conserve water.
  2. Soil Analysis

    W g t l i a t e s, n c, w  c, a d c o t s o a s s.
    Will give the landscaper information about the existing structure, nutrient content, water retention capacity, and drainage characteristics of the soil of a specific site.
  3. Tangible Enrichment

    I a i t c b t
    Is an item that can be touched
  4. Topiary Pruning

    W p i u s, p c b h s o o a.
    When pruned into unusual shapes, plants can become highly styled objects of art.
  5. Silhouette Lighting

    O p w p b t.
    Outlines plants when placed behind them.
  6. Shadow Lighting

    P t l s i f o t p a c a s t b c o a w o o f s b t p.
    Places the light source in front of the plant and causes a shadow to be cast onto a wall or other flat surface behind the plant.
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