Time efficiency

  1. Travelers are advised to adjust their watches before arriving in thenew time zone
    adjust v. To change; to get accustomed to something
  2. The decision to build a school in Blackberry Township was arbitrary, without any thought to future housing patterns.
    arbitrary adj. Chosen simply by whim or chance, not for any specificreason
  3. In the fraction 1⁄2, the number 2 is the denominator.
    • . denominator n. The number written below the line in a fraction
    • Usage tips The phrase lowest common denominator means “the mostbasic and unsophisticated things that most people share.”
  4. The street where I live runs parallel to the main road through town
    parallel adj. Being an equal distance apart everywhere
  5. A coach helps each athlete maximize his or her potential.
    maximize v. To increase or make as great as possible
  6. The average employee spends a large proportion of each workdayanswering e-mails.
    proportion n. A part in relation to the whole
  7. Postal rates in Japan are among the highest in the world. Some grasses grow at the rate of one inch per day.
    rate n. The cost per unit of a good or service; the motion or change thathappens in a certain time.
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