Bio Microschope

  1. oculars or eyepieces
    one (monocular) or two lenses (binocular) next to the eye.
  2. interpupillary adjustment
    allows you to change the distance seperating the oculars
  3. diopter ring (on binocular microscopes)
    adjustment at the base of the left ocular which allows you to adjust for visual differences between the two eyes.
  4. body tube
    tube holding the ocular
  5. arm
    part used to carry the instrument
  6. rotating nosepiece
    movable disk to which is attached the objectives
  7. objective lenses
    attached to the nosepiece
  8. stage platform
    where the specimen is placed
  9. condenser lens
    under stage, which focuses light on the specimen
  10. iris diaphragm
    regulates amount of light reaching the specimen
  11. brightness control
    regulates intensity of light from bulb
  12. coarse focusing knob
    Lowers or raises the stage to bring about focusing.

    Used only on low power.
  13. fine focusing knob
    Focusing. Used on all powers.
  14. slide holder
    Device with a moveable arm into which is inserted the silde.
  15. x axis travel knob
    moves slide from side to side
  16. y axis travel knob
    moves slide up and down
  17. prism
    changes light path from vertical to eye level
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