Health Information Privacy 1994 (HIPC)

  1. Purpose of HIPC?
    Specific to health information about identifiable individuals.

    • >governs collection, holding, use and disclosure of personal health information relating to health
    • >established regulatory framework of personal health information
  2. Who does HIPC apply to?
    All agencies providing personal or public health or disablity services.

    • >rest homes
    • >nurses
    • >doctors
    • >dentist
    • >optometrist
    • >healthcare assistance
    • >distric health board
  3. Rule 1
    Purpose of collection of person information

    • Personal information must not be collected unless:
    • *Lawful purpose connected with a function/activity of agency collecting information
    • *It is necessary to collect information for that purpose
  4. Rule 2
    • Source of personal information
    • Must be collected from concerned individual except:
    • *info is publically available
  5. Rule 3
    • Collection of information
    • Reasonable steps to ensure awareness:
    • >Information is being collected; 
    • >the purpose
    • >intended recipients
    • >name/addresses of information collector
    • >consequences
    • >individual rights to access person information
  6. Rule 4
    Manner of collection of person information

    • Personal information must be collected by:
    • >unlawful means
    • >means that are unfair or intrude unreasonably on the personal affairs of the individual concerned
  7. Rule 5
    Storage and security of personal information

    Agency holding the personal information must ensure:

    • >reasonable safeguards against loss, misuse, disclosure
    • >prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of information
  8. Rule 6
    • Access to personal information
    • Information is readily accessible to concerned individual, and entitled to:
    • >confirmation of whether information is held
    • >have access to information about them

    • Agency may refuse disclosure of personal information including:
    • >prevent detection of criminal offences or right to fair trail
    • >endanger the safety of individual
    • >unwarranted breach of another individual confidentiality
  9. Rule 7
    Correction of personal information

  10. Rule 8
    Accuracy of personal information to be checked before use

    Agency must take reasonable steps to check it is accurate, complete, relevant, up to date and not misleading.
  11. Rule 9
    Personal information not to be kept for longer than necessary

    Usually 10 years for health agency
  12. Rule 10
    Limits on use of personal information

    Information obtained with one purpose use must not be used for another. 

  13. Rule 11
    Limits on disclosure of personal information

    Applies to living individual and deceased persons who have been dead for not less than 20 years.
  14. Rule 12
    Unique identifiers

    • >IRD number
    • >Back customer numbers
    • >passport
    • >Driver license

    Only used for the purposes for which the identifier was assigned.
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